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Cerule in association with Maher Consulting.


Trainers: Linda Maher and Bimal Harry

Established in 1984, Maher Consulting was a revered name in most agencies and a large number of today’s senior directors were lucky enough to have attended the prestigious Maher Course when they were at more junior stages in their careers.

Now, a new suite of courses has been developed on the bedrock of those well-respected principles and learnings for the forward-thinking agency of today.

Interpersonal Communication - helps revisit the skills that have been eroded by technology to create trusted partnerships through effective interactions.

Influence and Persuasion - develops an individual’s efficacy, not just in selling situations; we focus on the skills and ability to influence and persuade.

An Introduction to Managing the Mind - overcoming emotional barriers to achieve clarity of thinking, presence of mind and enhance creativity. The exercises given will help to lessen stress and increase overall effectiveness if practiced regularly

Advanced Presentation Skills – to develop the craft and foster the art of powerful and persuasive presentation. Rather than merely being a voiceover to their visual aids, people themselves can be more stimulating, engaging and convincing. We help to you discover your own style to captivate your audience.

Business Leadership - we facilitate the discovery and development of leadership style. Through group and self-orientated exercise, real-play and self-orientated exercises and learnings from military leadership theory, cultural references and both classical and modern philosophies, we encourage delegates to find their own styles,

Running Effective Online Meetings - As companies now run more online meetings instead of face to face, there is a far greater emphasis on engaging an audience through what can be a difficult medium. Achieving the desired result takes a special set of tools and techniques which we provide from our experience in the theatre and television.

All of these are underpinned by our unique concept of 'real play' which you can read more about here: http://www.cerule.co.uk/#!real-play/canh

We would welcome the opportunity to come and talk to you about our unique approach and what we have done for dozens of marketing agencies and many blue chip companies and organisations both in the UK and abroad.

General - Communication skills | General - Influencing Skills | General - Presentation Skills

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