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Subscription Calculator 2016 Full Payment

IPA membership subscriptions are calculated annually and are based on each agency’s gross income for the previous year. For the purposes of calculating IPA membership subscriptions, we define gross income as total turnover less direct cost of sales. Please note that direct cost of sales should not include any staff or freelance costs, which should be included in the gross income figure.

The minimum gross income level we accept is £500,000.

Please use the calculator below to establish what your subscription would be.

A discount of approximately 5% on the full subscription is available to agencies that pay in full on or before the invoice due date. Please use the calculator below to establish what your discounted subscription amount would be. Subscription Calculator (Early Payment)

  • Please enter agency's gross income for the 2017 year:

  • Your calculated IPA 2018 membership subscription before VAT will be:


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