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Learn to ADAPT

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Our mission

The marketing and communications world is changing rapidly. Our ADAPT programme, led by President Ian Priest, will help the entire industry to ADAPT faster to accelerate growth.

Clients and agencies need to adapt together to improve our commercial creativity for mutual gain.

Join us for a series of initiatives, think tanks and events, exploring five key strands over the next 18 months. The first strand, Alliances, looks at how clients and agencies can maximise their relationships for better commercial creativity.

Each strand will start with an ADAPTATHON™, a hackathon-style innovation lab. Marketing directors, brand managers, agencies, procurement, intermediaries and industry bodies will participate in three interactive sessions to hack the future of client/agency relationships.

The ADAPTATHON™ will kick start a programme of experiments. We will share key findings here along the way. ADAPT will culminate in a new contractual blueprint for commercial success between clients and agencies, to the benefit of everyone.

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