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TV isn

TV isn't dead

Martin Greenbank, Head of Advertising Research & Development at Channel 4, underlines why the power still lies with the TV box in the corner despite our huge digital strides forward. Read more

Ask Liz: how can I work effectively under multiple managers?

Ask Liz: how can I work effectively under multiple managers?

Dear Liz, I work under three different managers, and I’m finding it hard to juggle the workload of all three. They all have different styles of working, and don’t listen if I tell them I am on a deadline with another manager/on another project. All of them believe their work is priority, and I understand that, but they place last-minute demands on me and are not approachable so I cannot talk to any of them. I feel like this situation is having an impact on the quality of work I produce as I’m always rushing, and stressed. Help! Read more

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