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From management to leadership

From management to leadership
Andrew Barrington, Managing Director at The Minimart, on how to become a great leader.

Imagine you are the owner of a factory that makes things. These are things that other factories make and you are in competition with them. Then suddenly “BANG”. Something happens on the factory floor. Production stops. You are the owner. What are you going to do?

Whatever you do, it all comes down to solving problems and much about solving problems is about leadership; bringing together often disparate teams to work together to come up with an idea that can get you up and running again.

Our clients want to be first to market, they want to be category leaders; the biggest, the best, the most profitable, the most loved; they crave thought leadership; they want to stay ahead of the competition; they are in a never ending race, neck and neck with the others, demanding any advantage which delivers them the leader’s jersey for however short a time.

To achieve leadership for our clients, we must become leaders ourselves. More than management or servicing, our industry demands and responds to leadership, because we have to solve problems quickly and more importantly, creatively.

The ability to galvanise individuals and teams around a shared objective and idea, to improve performance, to increase productivity and to deliver satisfaction can make the difference to our clients’ business and to ours.  

Our industry needs dynamic leaders who are first and foremost problem solvers and collaborators which is why the IPA runs its ‘Client Service: from management to leadership course’. If you want to brush up on your skills, you can hear current leaders from our industry and others present their vision of leadership; you will learn the different types of leadership, what your clients expect from you, gain a better understanding of how client’s balance sheets work, how to present yourself both internally and externally and finally, crucially, begin to understand what kind of leader you are and will become. 

Oh, and the factory? Well hopefully by the end of the course you will run to where the problem is. Your talent as a leader will tell you what to do next. 

To book on the course, which runs from 7th – 9th October please click here.

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