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Future is bright for UK creative industries

Future is bright for UK creative industries
Stephen Maher, MBA CEO and Chairman at The Marketing Society, reflects on an inspirational evening to celebrate our creative industries.

It was a huge pleasure to mingle with such an illustrious troupe of great British creative talent for the Create UK event this week at the groovy new glass and steel Facebook building in Euston.

Part of the UK government’s week long celebration of the creative industries, we rubbed shoulders with film director Guy Ritchie, TV scientist Brian Cox, Eidos’ Ian Livingstone, BAFTA’s Amanda Berry and many more from our very own industry to the worlds of architecture, film, music, games, fashion, tech and beyond.

VP Facebook EMEA and former IPA President Nicola Mendelsohn kicked off the speeches with a suitably rousing celebration of what many of us in our world know so well and what this country is so brilliant at – Creativity.

Vince Cable, Secretary of State for Business, Innovation and Skills, echoed these words telling us how the creative industries are not only a powerhouse of the economy today and more so in the future – rivalling the financial services industry as 8pc of our GDP – but importantly that we work in an area where we have unique skills as a nation.

The 'Creative Industries' is a British usp - just look at our world beating designers at London Fashion Week, our Oscars for Gravity, the landmark work of Fosters and Rogers (or even Vince’s own favourite - Strictly!).

This was a very clear declaration that the UK government is fairly and squarely behind us all in helping drive our domestic and export economies. Some may say it is about time - as we have all known this for so long - but it is in large part as a result of the tireless efforts of the IPA, including Nicola in her time there and indeed the prolific Janet Hull OBE, that has resulted in last night’s fest.

Janet and the IPA have helped drive this movement from her place on the Creative Industries Council (CIC) alongside the likes of the Arts Council, Design Council, Aardman, RIBA, Warner Bros, Amazon UK, Google and many more of the UK’s creative beacons.

Importantly for our sector, the equal billing of advertising and marketing services alongside film, music and beyond has been ensured at every juncture - witness the IPA’s very own exhibition at Facebook HQ showcasing our own Oscars – the IPA Effectiveness Awards.

These endorsements of the vitality of the creative industries by Vince Cable were also echoed by the very affable Sajid Javid, Secretary of State for Culture, Media and Sport, who started out by telling the audience that he was told by his career adviser at school when he was 15 to get into the creative industries and in particular the TV industry – ‘that is as a TV repairman’ as he put it.

More significantly, he told us that Warner Bros had just agreed a large new investment in the UK on the back of the Harry Potter franchise with the new spinoff film Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them.

So the future is bright for the UK creative industries – it is official!

As always, though, there is more to do – while it is always easy to cite great creative accolades from the pursuits of music, fashion, film and architecture, we need to work even harder as an industry to ensure that ‘advertising’ (by which I mean all forms of - and increasingly digital and social - marketing communications) gains the same recognition as the other creative industries by the government and they see us beyond the TV ad.

Even from a pure financial standpoint and our contribution to the economy and jobs, this has to be right. Under the continued stewardship of Janet spearheading our place in the creative industries, I am convinced we will do this.

View the photos from the event.

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