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Stand out from the crowd without falling foul of the rules

Stand out from the crowd without falling foul of the rules
Director General Paul Bainsfair on how the IPA is helping its members to navigate adland’s rules and regulations, through the publication and launch event of 'Ad Law: the essential guide to advertising law and regulation'.

It’s sometimes said that advertising is where commerce and art intersect. It’s certainly true that the best advertising uses creative, original and often entertaining ideas to win fame and favour in order to make brands stand apart from their competitors.

This often means that advertising agencies are challenging the status quo. Looking for ideas that are different from what has gone before. It might be in their use of the medium. It might be in the creative idea itself.

Although the need to stand out is job no. 1, doing so has to be achieved without falling foul of the rules. The UK advertising market is one of the most sophisticated in the world and is underpinned by the law. However, to ensure that all advertising is legal, decent, honest and truthful, it also has one of the world’s most admired and effective self-regulatory systems, complete with its own set of codes for both broadcast and non-broadcast ads. These are constantly under review by the Committee of Advertising Practice in an effort to keep pace with technological and legal developments, most notably, for example, through the extension of the digital remit of the non-broadcast code in 2011.

Navigating the law and the self-regulatory codes is the responsibility of all those involved in the industry – advertisers, agencies and media owners – but since the rules are numerous and complex, they often need professional, legal advice.

As such, the IPA has brought together the best expertise from our own IPA legal team and from specialists at many of the UK’s leading law firms in the sector, in our upcoming publication Ad Law: the essential guide to advertising law and regulation.

Edited by Richard Lindsay, Director of the Legal & Public Affairs Department at the IPA, this book is a practical guide. It covers what we consider to be the key legal and regulatory issues facing agencies and their clients, and looks to help answer the sorts of questions that arise on a daily basis.

I hope you will find it helpful.

Ad Law will be launched at a complimentary evening reception at the IPA on Tuesday 11 October, where the editor and contributors will discuss some of the rules and regulations that affect advertising, and some key themes including advertising online, sponsorship and advertising to children. Further details.

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