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The hopes and fears of adland’s luminaries

The hopes and fears of adland’s luminaries
We asked a selection of adland luminaries to sum up, in one sentence on each, their key learning from 2016 and their New Year’s resolution for 2017. Here's what they had to say...

Jennifer Black
Managing Director at Fabula

Jennifer Black Cropped
Key learning from 2016
Having an agile model that can adapt to difficult or unexpected new contexts has been key to our success, and that of our clients.

New Year’s resolution
Be more present and stop using social media as chewing gum for my brain, because we need physical to balance our digital beings.

Victoria Buchanan
Executive Creative Director at Tribal Worldwide London

Victoria Buchanan
Key learning from 2016
This girl can; never tried before, but I did and I can.

New Year’s resolution
To save 15 minutes after every meeting to write down my ideas.

Lindsey Clay
CEO, Thinkbox

Lindsey Clay cropped
Key learning from 2016
A key learning from two of the most learned: Peter Field and Les Binet’s conclusion that short termism and overemphasis on activation is eroding advertising effectiveness (and that, more happily, TV advertising has become even more effective).

New Year’s resolution
To be relentless in my determination to tell as many as people as possible about the above.

Brian Coane
IPA Chairman for Scotland, and Partner at Leith Agency

Brian Coane
Key learning from 2016
That things don't always turn out as you expect but as Martin Luther King said: "The arc of the moral universe is long, but it bends towards justice."

New Year’s resolution
To continue working to make sure advertising is a force for good.

Cat Davis
Chief Growth Officer, UK and Europe at Cheil London

Cat Davis cropped
Key learning from 2016
While the ad industry has been progressively making itself more diverse, representative and expansive, some parts of the rest of the world appear to be becoming more insular and narrow-minded. Just as in this year's Christmas pantos - I'm really hoping good will triumph in the end.

New Year’s resolution
I never make them. Resolutions shouldn't solely be an annual event, to reflect upon your achievements at the end of each year - every day I try and resolve to do better, be better and go a little further than I did the day before. And have fun in the progress.

Sarah Golding
2017 IPA President Elect and CEO at CHI & Partners

sarah golding

Key learning from 2016
Nothing is forever, creativity needs constant reinvention, the old greats must now be replaced by new but very different icons.

New Year’s resolution
To remember every day that advertising is one of the greatest jobs you can do. For the good of it, the fun of it and the power of it.

Laurence Green

Founding Partner at 101

253 laurence green

Key learning from 2016
The rebundling of services and the overdue consolidation of our industry are both well under way.

New Year’s resolution
To do what I can to make sure that brands, ideas and outcomes remain uppermost in our conversations and actions.

Jackie Holt
IPA City Head for Manchester and Managing Partner at BJL

624 Jackie holt cropped

Key learning from 2016
What a year 2016 was - the shock of Brexit and Trump only over-shadowed by the passing of my revered teenage hero, Bowie.  The rollercoaster of uncertainty makes you realise that to succeed, you can't over-worry - we need to stay confident and optimistic as an industry, be ever more agile, spotting and seizing every new opportunity and be proud of the difference we make. 

New Year’s resolution
Open clients' eyes to the real business value that commercial creativity can bring.

Chris Hirst
European and UK Group Chief Executive at Havas

Chris Hirst cropped
Key learning from 2016
In 2016, as the country and the world has become more insular and nationalistic, I've realised just how much we appreciate all the international people working for us across Europe. Talent - wherever it comes from - is everything.

New Year’s resolution
We will kick off 2017 by moving our UK businesses into our brand new Havas Village in Kings Cross. We are all really looking forward to a new way of working together to deliver even more effective work for our clients.

Debbie Klein
Chief Executive, Europe and Asia-Pacific at Engine

764 Debbie Klein
Key learning from 2016
Don’t bother predicting the future: Brexit, Pokemon Go, Trump and Ed Balls’ surprisingly long winning streak on Strictly have made it a year of many bizarre twists and turns that none of us could have predicted.

New Year’s resolution
Sleep more, frown less.

Tom Knox
IPA President and Chairman at MullenLowe London

427 Tom Knox
Key learning from 2016
What the data says is going to happen isn’t necessarily what happens.

New Year's resolution
To balance data with what we know about System 1 thinking and the need for creativity that works at an emotional level.

Moray MacLennan
Worldwide Chief Executive at M&C Saatchi

922 Moray Maclennan
Key learning from 2016
Instincts over data.

New Year’s resolution
Trust my instincts.

Tarek Nseir
Founding Partner at TH_NK

935 Tarek Nseir
Key learning from 2016
This year, more than most, I have come to the realisation that the process of pitching in our industry is fundamentally broken. There must be a better way. Something I’m keen to explore in my new role as BIMA co-chair. 

New Year’s resolution
It has been a crazy busy year. Exciting wins and exciting client work. In 2017 I want to ensure that my team and I have more room to breathe, to be curious, to create for the hell of it, to experiment, and to play.

Andy Reid
IPA City Head for South West and Managing Director at McCann Bristol

129 Andy Reid
Key learning from 2016
Always stay agile in your approach as we live in a very turbulent world; 2016 has seen the rule book change on both sides of the pond.

New Year’s resolution
Sleep more, drink less and continue to help our clients play a meaningful role in people’s lives.

Rania Robinson
Managing Director and Partner at Quiet Storm

990 Rania Robinson
Key learning from 2016
The industry’s shock at Brexit and then Trump’s election shows how disconnected we all are to the real feelings of the people we're marketing to.

New Year's resolution
To see more of my children.

David Wilding
Director of Planning at Twitter

david wilding cropped
Key learning from 2016
We can't assume anything.

New Year's resolution
To assume less...

And finally...

Paul Bainsfair
Director General at IPA

Bainsfair Paul cropped
Key learning from 2016
The year started with a letter from Buckingham Palace. It said: “Her Majesty the Queen was pleased to approve a petition on behalf of the Institute of practitioners in Advertising to grant a Charter of Incorporation”. It’s not every day that one gets a Royal Charter so that would definitely be the highlight of 2016. In the future, historians will look back on 2016 as the end of an era. A point in history where an electromagnetic force completely scrambled the political compass. Nobody saw this coming and we are still trying to work out what it means for the US, the UK and the EU. It has shown what happens when the people in charge stop listening to the people to whom they are accountable.

So, my key learning is never take anything for granted.

New Year's resolution
Spend less time on social media. It has become toxic and has lost its sense of fun.

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