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The Top 5 Brand Experiences of 2015

The Top 5 Brand Experiences of 2015
Paul Simonet, Creative Strategy Director at Imagination, discusses his favourite brand experiences of 2015.

I have chosen the top 5 brand experiences of 2015 on the basis that they demonstrate how major brands of different sorts are creating significant marketing impact by getting their customers to participate with their brand in an activity that is not the purchase or the consumption of the product.

They mark the ongoing shift from USP to UExP

1. Let’s start with Barclays Digital Eagles campaign. Every time I see this campaign I want to clap because it reflects the fundamental insight that people want money, and therefore a bank, to help them live their lives better, not because they have an interest in money per se. The experience platform that Digital Eagles creates reaches out its hand beyond the transaction to support people at very different moments of transition in their lives. This is commercially smart because everyone involved in financial services knows that people add or change a financial services provider at a point of change in their lives and encouraging a more digital relationship with customers over time does not just position you as modern and savvy but creates opportunities to sell and reduce costs of engagement over time. A win win experience.


2. The launch of the Jaguar F Pace is something more traditional but demonstrates how exciting brand experiences can become newsworthy ‘moment-in-time’ social content. With all car enthusiast eyes on the Frankfurt autoshow Jaguar created a world record attempt stunt the day before the vehcile’s official launch. Without the use of media seeding the stunt achieved over 30M Instagram content impressions and over 5M video views in its first week and delivering over 60,000 people into Jaguar sales channels globally. With the increase in ad skipping/blocking in digital channels this approach shows how spectacular brand experiences can create effective appointments to view.

3. Kit Kat’s ‘Have a Break…’ advertising began in the late 50’s but has recently taken this most famous of campaigns into the world of brand experience. Using on pack labels and digital content the brand now invites buyers to participate in different sort of break styles depending on what suits them. This new brand experience departure opens up digital and social media for the brand and increases the time users spend with the brand and the product way beyond the viewing of its advertising.


4. Talk Talk have developed a long sponsorship association with The X Factor ‘brought to you by Talk Talk’ which has done wonders for their brand recognition. The BopHeads app and interactive platform has turned that sponsorship into a more active experience with the brand. Talk Talk no longer just sponsors the most viewer interactive TV programme on UK television it has created an owned interaction which allows fans to participate in the programme through the brand. Digitally interactive brand experience will increasingly provide the opportunity for sponsorship brands to create parallel owned properties that can again transform the length of time consumers spend with the sponsored brand.

app mockup

5. Finally, no top brand experience review could be complete without the mention of Apple stores…this time at the launch of the Apple watch. I happened to be in New York at the time of the Apple Watch launch as the whole fifth avenue store became a theatre to the presentation of the Apple watch with stunning displays of all kinds and more genius advice than anyone could wish for. Isn’t that just retail I hear you say. Well not really since the only thing you couldn’t do within this wall to wall experience of this new product was….buy a watch. The experience was pure ‘desirability theatre’.


Last updated 09/12/2015

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