Strategic BootCamp - Manchester

A one-day course chaired by Neil Quick, Managing Director at Publicis.

This course is limited to 12 delegates per session, on a first come, first served basis so early booking is advised.

You’ll walk out of the course at the end of the day with two things.  1. An understanding of what strategy really is (and – importantly – isn’t).  2. A simple set of tools you can use to get to a great strategy on anything.  Yes, anything, across all media channels.

It’s an action-packed, fun-filled day.  Well, I might be exaggerating a little… but it’s interactive, it’s creative, it’s about learning by doing and thinking, not just listening.  Lots of debate, a bit of lecturing.

The premise of the day is that strategy is – actually – very simple.  (Don’t confuse being simple with being easy!)  We will de-mystify its rather rarefied and sometimes forbidding aura.  We will put it in layman’s terms.  We’ll make it something that’s real and practical.  We’ll make it something that you can use every single day.  And be able to mix it with anyone who thinks they know a thing or two about strategy.

There’s a bit of pre-work.  Nothing too onerous.  You’ll simply need to pick a piece of communication (any channel, any medium) and deduce from it what you think the strategy is.  We’ll discuss everyone’s example as a group.  See what’s what.  But there’s no public shame involved – and no test at the end: it’s a very free-wheeling, easy-going discussion.

Who’s it for?  Pretty much everyone who needs to understand and talk about strategy.  Which is, well, pretty much everyone. From any sort of agency.  Probably most useful for account handlers and planners, but doesn’t need to be limited to them. People brand new to the industry would probably be best to wait until they’re a year-in to get the most out of it.  If you’re very senior, you might have heard it before

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