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June 2015

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Account Management Breakfast with Nicci Motiang, The Union

05/06/2015 Book Tickets

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Behavioural Economics Webinar

08/06/2015 Book Tickets

IPA and Warc Webinar on Behavioural Economics in Action


Digging for consumer insights

09/06/2015 Book Tickets

Writing and selling an argument

09/06/2015 Book Tickets


Advanced Business Acumen

10/06/2015 Book Tickets

A two day course aimed at Mid- Senior Level Account Directors, Financial Controllers, Finance + Business Analysts

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Exploring how Creativity and Tech work together

15/06/2015 Book Tickets

Join us London Tech Week to debate where creativity and tech meet.

Keeping ahead of the digital game

15/06/2015 Book Tickets

Content marketing for brands

15/06/2015 Book Tickets

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#TwitterAcademy: An introduction to Twitter's ecosystem, mobile and TV

17/06/2015 Book Tickets


Search Certificate Online Exam

18/06/2015 Book Tickets

This is the online exam for the Search Certificate

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The IPA Annual Quiz

25/06/2015 Book Tickets

Content Marketing for Brands

25/06/2015 Book Tickets

Eff Test Online Exam

25/06/2015 Book Tickets

This is an online exam for the Eff Test

Making Ideas Mobile

25/06/2015 Book Tickets

This workshop, delivered by marketing expert Allister Frost, will help you explore ways to improve your clients’ approach to content marketing. You’ll leave with new ideas you can put into practice with your clients so you can give them the direction they need to generate more inbound connections and unlock fresh sales opportunities.


Managing people in an emotionally intelligent way

26/06/2015 Book Tickets

To give you the skills and confidence to get the best out of people so they, and others, want to work with you and do their best.

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The Future of Marketing and Agencies - UK Launch

29/06/2015 Book Tickets

What will best-in-class consumer engagement look like in 2025? How will new technologies further change consumer expectations, mindsets and behaviours? How will successful brands create or maintain dialogues with customers in this dynamic landscape?


IPA City Event - Manchester 2015

30/06/2015 Book Tickets

In With The New - Effectiveness Masterclass Series

30/06/2015 Book Tickets

Join us on Tuesday 30th June to find out how Dacia, Synsodyne Pronamel, Karcher and Ready Baked Jackets hit the ground running when launching new products

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