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This page provides more information about the Accredited MIPA scheme.

Individual Accredited MIPA

The Accredited MIPA is an industry recognised IPA professional status for individuals that can demonstrate critical knowledge, skills and expertise as an Advertising professional.

We at the IPA, the organisation that supports the Advertising Industry, have developed a qualifications-based programme of learning - with the help of industry luminaries and marketing professionals from leading brands – that will ensure your knowledge is as broad or as focussed as you want it to be. Choose from a number of IPA courses and/or qualifications to earn the stars you need to qualify for MIPA status.

Read on and explore why becoming an Accredited MIPA is the right choice for you.

If you’re after a pay rise, promotion or change of direction, the skills and experience you’ll gain with MIPA status can help you get there sooner.


  • Industry wide recognised professional status
  • Use of ‘MIPA’ post nominal
  • Personal CPD diary to keep track of your learning
  • Membership certificate
  • Publicity of name in press
  • Personal membership of the IPA, entitles you to member rates on courses, qualifications, events, case studies, publications and free insight downloads.

Becoming an Accredited MIPA:

  • Each qualification/course that you pass will earn you MIPA Stars. (The numbers of stars is dependent on the level and complexity of the course you are following.)
  • Maintain a record of learning via our CPD diary log. (Minimum attainment of 3 consecutive years, each containing no less than 24 hours of learning proof.)
  • When you have earned 5 stars and attained 3 consecutive years of CPD diary logs, you will be invited to become an Accredited MIPA.

Ways to become a MIPA

1) If you are working at an IPA corporate member agency – you need only contact your manager (or CPD manager) to start your journey to MIPA

2) For everyone else join the “MIPA Pathway” to access learning at discounted rates

The diagram below shows these options:

                        MIPA Flowchart UPDATE-04

                                      MIPA Button Register NavyMIPA Button Check Navy

Here is a full list of courses and qualifications you can choose from

Download Accredited MIPA Pathway Chart (PDF)

Fees are displayed at member and non-member rates excluding VAT. If you are on the ‘pathway’ and have paid your 3 year subscription fee, you can access the learnings at IPA member rates.





Learning prices are subject to change. Please ensure you visit the individual course/qualification page for confirmation prior to booking. Or you can email CPD@ipa.co.uk for guidance.

Got any questions about Accredited MIPA? You can view our FAQs page, fill in an Enquiry Form or alternatively email membership@ipa.co.uk.

Last updated 03/08/2018

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