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This page provides more information about the Accredited MIPA scheme – what it is, how it works and how it can benefit you. Any queries? Please email membership@ipa.co.uk

What is Accredited MIPA?

Accredited MIPA is a new initiative designed in the long run to put advertising on the same professional footing as accountancy, architecture and the law. A rigorous, qualifications-based accreditation programme from the IPA that’s going to be widely recognised and respected.

It’s part of CPD, our Continuous Professional Development scheme encouraging agencies to provide development opportunities for employees to help build their expertise and enhance their skills. Being an Accredited MIPA will show you’ve met the highest standards. It’s your must-have badge of professionalism.

How could I become an Accredited MIPA?

You will need to have accumulated 5 stars of IPA qualifications and/or assessed courses, plus CPD compliance* in each of the previous three years. Register your interest in Accredited MIPA status by emailing the IPA at membership@ipa.co.uk 

*CPD compliance requires you to log 24 hours of eligible learning. Simply log your CPD progress on your free, personalised IPA CPD Diary.

You can achieve the 5 stars of qualifications and/or assessed courses you need in any combination, according to the following system. (Please note that for the assessed courses, the star(s) will be assigned only on passing the assessment):

Commercial Certificate (1 star) 1star
LegRegs (1 star) 1star
The Fundamentals (1 star) 1star
Foundation Certificate (2 stars) 2stars
Search Certificate (2 stars) 2stars
TV Production Certificate (3 stars)  3stars
Team Leadership & Management (1 star) 1star
Client Service (1 star) 1star
Strategic Planning (1 star) 1star
The Value of Ideas & Creativity Today (1 star) 1star
Eff Test (3 stars) 3stars
Advanced Certificate (4 stars) 4stars
Excellence Diploma (5 stars) 5stars

You will be awarded Accredited MIPA status officially on the date that you agree to the Accredited MIPA Terms and Conditions. This will be your award date.

Got any other questions? Click here to find out more.

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