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Record 41 IPA member agencies awarded for excellence in professional development

Forty-one IPA member agencies have been awarded CPD Gold accreditation for their outstanding professional development programmes. These agencies have made a thorough commitment to learning and an evident improvement to the lives of their agency staff and to the development of their business. They were presented with their certificates at the IPA Members’ Lunch today (13 April 2016).


The Gold accredited agencies are: 23red, Abbott Mead Vickers BBDO, Amplifi, Bray Leino, Carat, CHI & Partners, Cuttsy & Cuttsy, FCB Inferno, Generation Media, Gyro, Hunterlodge Advertising, iProspect, Isobar, J. Walter Thompson, Karmarama, M2M, Manning Gottlieb OMD, Material, MBA, MC&C, mcgarrybowen, MEC London, MediaCom Edinburgh, MediaCom London, MediaCom North, MullenLowe, MullenLowe Profero, NOW, OgilvyOne Worldwide, Ogilvy & Mather Advertising, OMD, PHD Media, Posterscope, Southpaw, Starcom MediaVest Group, TBWA\London, the7stars, Total Media, Vizeum, Wieden + Kennedy, woolley pau gyro.

To achieve the IPA CPD Gold accreditation, agencies were required to write a paper which demonstrated the effectiveness of their training and development programme on their business success. Their submissions revealed that they take a holistic approach to professional development regardless of the size of the available budget and that they show creativity in building an energetic learning culture, in support of real business objectives. The agencies also provided clear evidence that CPD practice is not merely an add-on to operations but lies at the heart of their business, fuelling commercial success.

Says Sarah Ellis, Chair of Judges and  Head of Marketing Strategy, Sainsbury’s, This year a record-breaking 41 agencies have been awarded CPD Gold. The diversity, creativity and commitment of agencies to CPD is inspiring. The judges were particularly impressed with how CPD is now part of the DNA of so many agencies and inextricably linked to achieving their business goals. Congratulations to all the fantastic winners!”

Says Patrick Mills, Director of Professional Development, IPA, “More submissions and more Gold standard awards than ever before is good news for our industry.  CPD is now well established among our membership and recognised as a powerful tool in growing agency businesses: aiding client retention, staff retention, savings on recruitment costs and better pitch conversion.”

The IPA’s CPD programme offers inspirational career development and training through engaging and effective courses and award-winning qualifications, ensuring agency practitioners’ skills match their clients’ needs.

Individual citations for the CPD Gold accredited agencies from the judging panel:


23red’s submission showed it is an inclusive and collaborative place to work that has integrated CPD successfully from day one. They have demonstrated how fit for purpose the current programme of activities is and the impact it is having on commercial performance. 

Abbott Mead Vickers BBDO

This submission gave us a strong grasp of the vast array of learning opportunities at Abbott Mead Vickers BBDO. It also showed how well coordinated they all are in forming a picture of an agency that really puts people at the centre of their business.


Amplifi have a considered and structured approach to learning and development that is driving results. They have a well thought through strategic development plan and excellent demonstration of progress and results. Efficiency is clearly a significant driver for the media industry and they have applied the same rigour and discipline to their training and development.  

Bray Leino

Bray Leino has clear business objectives and clear CPD activities to achieve them. The production of the submission itself demonstrated a real creativity that supported the story of CPD at Bray Leino. 


Carat’s submission showed a wealth of development opportunities for their staff and a stunning investment in managers and leaders of all kinds. There were many excellent CPD ideas that were new to the judges. 

CHI & Partners 

CHI are at the start of their journey but clearly recognise, and are committed to the positive impact CPD can have on their business. They have already made some positive improvements in areas like the number of qualifications. They understand CPD and the impact it can have. 

Cuttsy & Cuttsy 

Cuttsy & Cuttsy demonstrated how embedding CPD from the earliest stages of an agency can deliver great results in the short term, as well as laying the foundations for long-term success. This is no small achievement in a year when they have more than doubled their headcount and shows an admirable passion from the founders.  

FCB Inferno

FCB Inferno showed an incredible opportunity for all staff to develop, with a huge training plan, good welcomes and reviews. Their submission was topped off with some clever initiatives and a great deal of senior involvement. 

Generation Media

Generation Media have created a culture of learning, which is clearly evidenced in employees sharing best practice and ideas with each other. They established a clear link between business goals and training requirements/results, and impressed with consistent use of Kirkpatrick model. This submission was particularly strong on pulling together different evidence streams to evaluate CPD, from testimonials to cost/benefit analyses and everything in between. 


Gyro’s recognition of the role CPD plays in developing and growing a successful agency was impressive. They showed an excellent attitude to continuous improvement, and we commend them for both investing in a talent manager and taking the time to review existing processes and gaining feedback from employees. 


Hunterlodge’s content and presentation were both exemplary. They showed the best example of building an approach to CPD that reflects the vision and values of the organisation. This included a stunning rebrand and ‘Red thread of effectiveness’ evidently taken through Hunterlodge’s own business and CPD.


iProspect is an agency that takes CPD seriously, and has produced some innovative ways for staff to access learning. Their submission showed encouragement for everyone in the agency to continue learning and showed good use of DAN group resources. 


Isobar clearly identified what it needs to do and has developed a coherent CPD strategy to achieve its aims. The impressive plan to make the whole agency “pitch fit” has paid off. 

J. Walter Thompson

It’s very clear that CPD runs through the very fabric of the J. Walter Thompson. Their submission showed a real sensitivity towards its people. It was a great to see such a strong CPD plan translating into strong business and people metrics. 


Once again, Karmarama successfully illustrated its continued drive for excellence through CPD. It exuded professionalism, staff engagement and business effect. It is particularly impressive to see the agency place such importance on the wellbeing of their talent. 


This was a very impressive submission and provided a real sense of CPD being used as a key lever for meeting business objectives. It was well presented, strategically sound and well written. It is clear that the senior management of the agency do a lot more than just support CPD. They see it as key driver for change and improvement.   

Manning Gottlieb OMD

Manning Gottlieb OMD showed that with very strong employee retention and promotions from within at the highest level, CPD evidently supports success. 


Material’s submission encapsulated the essence of what CPD should represent. It showed an all-encompassing desire to ensure that people are encouraged to develop themselves so that they enjoy their role and that colleagues and clients benefit from this. 


We were particularly impressed by MBA’s ability to leverage their internal resources in creative ways to benefit the agency. This included encouraging employees to share skills they might have outside the ‘day job’ with others. MBA’s desire to really understand their clients was demonstrated by their commitment to immersing themselves in the external environment, whether through industry events or attending clients’ inductions. This submission proved that a small agency can both deliver varied CPD and identify business benefits/ROI. 


MC&C showed how a strong culture of CPD can enable a management team to tailor initiatives to specific strategic objectives. In doing so they delivered some great results for their clients, their staff and the agency as a whole. 


This is a solid submission from mcgarrybowen as it builds on last year’s submission. The drive they showed for retention of key talent is tangible, as was the desire for increased business and craft skills. 

MEC London

MEC has achieved the Gold standard once more, with strong evidence of a vibrant CPD culture and some great learning initiatives.  

MediaCom Edinburgh

MediaCom Edinburgh has a hugely impressive CPD programme that clearly delivers great results across all aspects of the agency. ‘People first, great results’ is their positioning and is also very clearly their culture. 

MediaCom London

MediaCom London showed impressive results, achieved at scale. They take a well-structured and comprehensive approach to CPD that is integrated into their businesses strategic objectives. The agency had a great 2015, underpinned by a strong CPD culture. 

MediaCom North

Mediacom North showed evidence of a thriving CPD culture, underpinned by senior level engagement in some really great learning initiatives. 


MullenLowe produced a best in class submission for 2015, both in terms of style and substance. They have proved how having a strong CPD culture can provide a sold backbone during times of change and uncertainty.

MullenLowe Profero

It is impressive that such strong CPD is so well embedded in the agency, especially, due to going through a recent merger and move to a new building. It gives real credence to the fact that CPD is not a bolt on activity, or something to be supported but more a core and ingrained part of the business.


NOW put together a compelling story of how their CPD supported some ambitious and far reaching business goals. CPD sits at the heart of the agency, championed straight from the partners and by an ever-growing CPD team spanning all parts of the business. 


OgilvyOne had a well presented submission with some lovely small ideas, such as reclaim your lunch break, as well as big ones, GrowFest. Strong links to the agency’s values and a desire to integrate CPD to benefit the organisation were evident.

Ogilvy & Mather

Ogilvy presented a solid case for reaching the Gold standard once again, including a number of standout wellbeing initiatives and an extremely innovative learning festival. 


OMD presented a persuasive image of an organisation that sees CPD at its core and uses evaluation to pursue incremental improvements in the way that they work.  The OMD Academy has successfully encapsulated the direction of the agency and given learning and development impressive relevance.

PHD Media

PHD Media’s submission is a best in class example of how having a business fully engaged with CPD can create solidarity, support and momentum in times of change and uncertainty. 


Posterscope provided a shining example of what CPD is all about. With excellent content that offers a vast array of learning opportunities, the CPD programme is firmly rooted in the specific aims of the agency. The results are outstanding and are a credit to the thought and dedication of the CPD team.


Southpaw produced a thorough and professional submission, with excellent examples of how to demonstrate the commercial value of CPD to the agency. An enthusiasm for learning clearly runs throughout the team, from senior management to the most junior levels.

Starcom MediaVest Group

Starcom MediaVest Groupdelivers a comprehensive and practical CPD programme that is intended to achieve the retention and progression of talent throughout the agency. Their submission showed there is innovation and a drive for continuous improvement running through the submission, which seeks to address the challenges of inspiring and retaining talent at all levels. 


TBWA\London has a full and effective CPD programme that clearly helps the agency to deliver against its objectives. The submission showed the passion for the role that CPD can play in business success comes from the top and resonates throughout the agency.  


The 7stars delivered an excellent submission which effectively conveyed the depth of commitment to CPD and its central position in delivering the culture and performance that the agency desires. 

Total Media

Total Media presented a best in class submission when it comes to structuring CPD against clear business goals. The depth and scale of the development on offer within this business is outstanding and has clearly been a contributory factor to their new business success and effectiveness as an agency. 


Vizeum’s CPD programme is thoroughly rooted in the strategic aims of the agency and extremely well implemented. Their submission showed the variety of initiatives on offer is vast and the amount of involvement from all corners of the agency is very impressive. 

Wieden + Kennedy

Wieden + Kennedy’s submission showed an impressive spread of activities and a creatively implemented CPD programme. People feel that they are at a special agency, which is represented by the impressive comments from employees and retention levels. 

woolley pau gyro

woolley pau gyro’s submission was exemplary, with an emphasis on learning and sharing it. Everyone evidences their learning in their CPD diaries and CPD is integral to why they do what they do.  

Find out more about Gold CPD accreditation here.


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