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27 IPA member agencies awarded for excellence in professional development

Twenty-seven IPA member agencies have been awarded CPD Gold accreditation for their outstanding professional development programmes. These agencies have made a thorough commitment to learning and an evident improvement to the lives of their agency staff and to the development of their businesses. They were presented with their certificates at the IPA Members’ Lunch today (7th May 2014).


The gold accredited agencies are: 23red, Abbott Mead Vickers BBDO, Bray Leino, FCB Inferno, Generation Media, Gyro, Havas Worldwide London, Hunterlodge, JWT, Kitcatt Nohr Digitas, Leo Burnett, Lowe Profero, M2M, Material, Manning Gottlieb OMD, MBA, MEC, MediaCom Edinburgh, MediaCom London, McCann Manchester, Ogilvy & Mather Group, PHD Media, Posterscope, Starcom MediaVest Group, Total Media, Woolley pau gyro, ZenithOptimedia UK.

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To achieve IPA CPD Gold accreditation, agencies were required to write a paper which demonstrated the effectiveness of their CPD programme on business success. Their submissions revealed that they take a holistic approach to professional development regardless of the size of available budget and that they show creativity in building an energetic learning culture, in support of real business objectives. The agencies also provided clear evidence that CPD practice is not merely an add-on to operations but lies at the heart of their business, fuelling commercial success.

The IPA’s recent publication Why CPD is good for your business reveals that IPA CPD gold accredited agencies report, on average, 98% client retention, business growth in the region of 10% year-on-year and an average of eight new business wins a year.

Full details on IPA Gold CPD Accreditation can be found here.

Says Scott Morrison, Founder of the Business Accelerator and 2013 Chairman of Judges: “I believe that positively disrupting people and organisations accelerates the potential for them to sense, adapt and respond to new and incredible opportunities in their markets. As Chairman of Judges this year, the team and I have engaged with some brilliantly well thought through plans that do just this. The robust, passionate and challenging conversations we had reinforce that the high standards the CPD gold award represents must be upheld to deliver the highest performing, most responsive and professional agencies in the world. Congratulations to those who have reached these outstanding heights.”

Says Patrick Mills, Director of Professional Development, IPA: “The entries we’ve received have really showcased the high standard of learning and development in IPA member agencies and the incredible innovation in how the training is delivered, along with more metrics being employed and more emphasis on evaluation. What is clear is how agencies are seeing the direct and powerful link between investing in their people and business performance and proving it – long may it continue!”

The IPA’s CPD programme offers inspirational career development and training through engaging and effective courses and award-winning qualifications, ensuring agency practitioners’ skills always match their clients’ needs. 2014 marks the tenth year of IPA qualifications and the 10,000th certificate will be awarded in this year.

Individual citations for the CPD Gold accredited agencies from the judging panel:

23red aligns business objectives, organisational culture and CPD as a roadmap for its teams to succeed. The internal dialogue also shows that the agency is fully aware and engaged with its people, their needs and those of their clients which, in turn, fine tunes performance.

Abbott Mead Vickers BBDO
The CPD manager has set up a comprehensive programme for this enormous agency, which has been run successfully, is being evaluated clearly, has some very clever strategies to aid learning, and is supported by management. Account management in particular has benefited but there are wonderful opportunities available to all, including to departments that are often overlooked. The CPD Manager has taken the trouble to learn new skills that are of benefit to the business which is excellent.

Bray Leino
Bray Leino has produced a good, solid plan that has a very clear business vision which it is ruthlessly executed against. They are transparent about what they do, their staff feel free to challenge and grow and in turn they fuel the very strategies that deliver what the agency is all about.

FCB Inferno
FCB Inferno’s submission illustrates excellent narrative of a year in the life of CPD at the agency. The agency took the feedback from last year’s judging panel to heart and delivered a smorgasbord of personal stories of learning, discovery and business benefits into this year’s submission.

Generation Media
Generation Media is a highly ambitious and focussed agency who are clearly delivering on their proposition. They display strong CPD behaviour throughout their organisation which is paying dividends on their performance. Their submission showcases the ambition, drive and pace in the organisation, the results of which have been excellent and clearly apparent.

Gyro has done a brilliant job in 2013, turning around a difficult 2012 into a positive experience for those working there. It was clear from their submission that a real focus on what they intended to achieve in the year was closely aligned to how CPD would help them reach their goals.

Havas Worldwide London
Havas Worldwide London entered an excellent debut submission which effectively exhibited the agency’s commitment to CPD and the benefits it brings to the agency both commercially and culturally. Their entry gives the impression that this is an organisation prepared to acknowledge the challenges experienced by their employees and to attempt to give them the practical tools with which to meet these challenges and to flourish.

Hunterlodge has a clear, demonstrable link between business objectives and the contribution of the CPD programme in delivering those results. They maintain their unique positioning through a disciplined and structured approach to training and development that is the absolute heartbeat of this agency.

JWT entered a very strong submission which proves that they continue to put CPD at the heart of their business strategy and that there is an evident entrepreneurial flair in their talent team. The submission was well structured and included detailed descriptions of what CPD has meant for the business.

Kitcatt Nohr Digitas
This agency delivered a thoroughly well considered and bold submission with nuggets of impressive application of CPD to support their performance. They also showed the wherewithal to utilise Kirkpatrick’s Evaluation model.

Leo Burnett
Leo Burnett has a very clearly defined people strategy aimed at business success. The CPD culture at its heart is powerful and delivers success not only for the agency, but for its staff and clients too.

Lowe Profero
It’s great to have Lowe Profero back on the CPD gold list for 2013. They have showcased a truly strategic implementation of CPD across all of their practices and measured the effects with absolute clarity.

M2M demonstrate a clear commitment to investing in their people as a key method of retaining talent and achieving commercial success. The agency effectively utilises the resources of the network and their own specialist skills to nurture an innovative and client focussed culture.

Material’s submission is a fantastic demonstration of how a small agency has embraced CPD and demonstrated the financial benefits. It was a great entry from an agency that puts learning on the top of every member of staff’s agenda.

Manning Gottlieb OMD
Manning Gottlieb OMD has produced an original entry, which reflects its commitment to developing and inspiring its talent to be the best that it can be. It combines clear commercial aspirations with innovative development activities and shows a genuine desire to showcase and celebrate the abilities and successes of individuals at all levels in the agency.

MBA really understand how a strong culture of CPD can be focussed to help deliver specific business goals for their agency. They do this brilliantly, imaginatively and to great effect. Their submission provided a great example of an ambitious, imaginative CPD programme, embedded in the agency culture and focused on SMART business objectives that are broad in scope.

CPD is so engrained in the daily life at MEC it is no surprise that they have built up such a strong reputation. It is hard to find a more thorough approach to developing talent at all levels, from their induction programme, to their excellent leadership courses and wonderful and inspiring appraisal system.

MediaCom Edinburgh
MediaCom Edinburgh has set a high CPD standard in their network and in their country. All aspects of CPD are cared for and seen as important for the business, not just by their enthusiastic, innovative and experienced CPD Manager but also by the Managing Director. There have created clever ways to learn and have made real attempts to embed and use the learning.

MediaCom London
MediaCom London has the statement ‘people first, better results’ front and centre of their brand, and they really live up to that promise. There is a true sense that the whole agency is fully aligned behind its vision with CPD being central to delivering it.

McCann Manchester
McCann Manchester has produced a ‘best in class’ submission for 2013, both in terms of the presentation and content. The measures were impressive and their strategic implementation of CPD is at the cutting edge of our industry right now. Genuine CPD within McCann Manchester has also meant they’ve managed to retain 80% of apprentices over a rolling three-year period.

Ogilvy & Mather Group
Ogilvy’s induction programme is very comprehensive and is in line with their unique branding. The ‘Brand New You’ programme for all new joiners consists of a welcome breakfast (30 minutes with their line manager, talent team and other new joiners) and provides a welcome pack (including a notepad, the best of Ogilvy DVD, benefits brochure, ‘Brand New You’ booklet and L&D leaflet) and a tour of the building.

PHD Media
PHD has submitted a comprehensive entry for IPA CPD Gold accreditation which illustrates its commitment to CPD as a tool for delivering its objectives. There is plenty of innovation and engagement running through its various initiatives and the judges congratulate its initiation to the CPD gold fraternity.

In facing some of the biggest changes ever to affect the out of home agency landscape, Posterscope has provided a stunning example of how a CPD culture can successfully underpin the effort to adapt and thrive. Their submission showcases the wide range of training activities available to staff, catering for both core and specific skillsets.

Starcom MediaVest Group
Starcom MediaVest has effortlessly retained CPD Gold for 2013, with clear strategic business planning inextricably linked to an almost spiritual development programme. CPD is truly embedded into the ways of working at Starcom MediaVest, to the point where thinking about how development affects their market leading business success is almost second nature.

Total Media
CPD rests at the very heart of everything Total Media does and they have one of the most thorough approaches to CPD in the industry. They deeply understand its impact and harness the development of their people in order to progress and succeed.

Woolley pau gyro
The whole agency truly believes that learning is useful, that they should teach each other and that learning should be put to use. Their exemplary CPD approaches are executed to a very high standard.

ZenithOptimedia UK
ZenithOptimedia UK has delivered another very impressive L&D plan. CPD is at the heart of this agency and an investment that they should be proud of. Their submission showcased both the breadth and depth of activity and a real attempt to deliver it all in a creative and adaptive and evolving way.

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