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Are you a betting man?

If you work with clients in the gambling sector, make sure you are aware of the latest Government call for evidence regarding the review of Gaming Machines and Social Responsibility Measures.


Further to the IPA’s note of 6 December last year, industry has been continuing discussions with the Government in respect of its Call for Evidence, including a round-table discussion held last month. The results of the Call for Evidence have yet to be published.

The only question included in the review which is relevant to advertising is: “Is there any evidence on whether existing rules on gambling advertising are appropriate to protect children and vulnerable people from the possible harmful impact of gambling advertising?”

From this and the industry’s discussions with Government, the Government’s focus appears to be on the effect of gambling advertising on children and young people, in particular through advertising on television.

The IPA is working with the Advertising Association in its continuing dialogue with Government, and the self-regulatory system through the ASA, and CAP/BCAP is also considering its own response.

Last updated 02/03/2017

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