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Are you a MOA Rising Star?

The IPA Media Owner Awards final entry deadline is on Friday 5th July 2013.


If you think you could pick up a bird or would like to nominate a person or campaign, then go to and download an entry form.

The awards scheme identity draws its heritage from a moa; a large, now extinct, (although sometimes spotted at awards ceremonies!) New Zealand bird that walked the earth for 60 million years.

The new Rising Star Award is open to individuals with more than 18 months experience in the online media owner business but who have not yet reached the top of the ladder. Further changes to this year’s awards come in the form of the newly created ‘Best Online Campaign 2013’ and ‘Best Cross-Media Campaign 2013’, which recognise the most effective and innovative campaigns from media owners.

A total of sixteen awards will be presented at a gala dinner in London in November. Eight of the awards will be based on the IPA’s Online Media Owner Survey, which is a combination of spring, autumn and year-on-year results. The other eight awards will be submission based.

Says Pete Robins, IPA Digital Media Group Chairman and Managing Partner Agenda 21; “After the success of last year, I’m delighted to be involved with the awards again this year. We’ve tweaked a couple of the categories to make sure they are relevant with market changes, and felt the ‘people’ awards should feature just as heavily as before given the high level of interest in 2012”.

The awards categories for 2013 are:


• Most Innovative Technology 2013.

• Best Unfeatured Media Owner 2013 open to any UK based online media owner not featured in the IPA 2013 surveys.

• Best Online Campaign 2013 - this award is to recognise the most innovative or effective online campaign ideas from media owners.

• Best Cross-Media Campaign 2013 - entrants should be able to demonstrate that online activity forms an intrinsic part of the media mix.

• Rising Star 2013 - this award is open to professionals employed for more than 18 months within the online media owner industry but who have not yet reached the level of commercial director.

• Sales Newcomer 2013 - this award is open to professionals who have been employed within the online media owner industry for less than 18 months. Eligibility is also restricted to those who have not been employed for more than a further 18months in another sales role (non-online), or in another closely related industry (for eg. Media agency).

• Commercial Director 2013.

• Unsung Hero 2013.

Survey-based: The awards derived from the current survey questions come in two categories: ‘Best’ and ‘Most Improved’. ‘Best’ will be based on this year’s combined spring and autumn survey results. ‘Most Improved’ will be based on year-on-year results (autumn 2013 versus autumn 2012).

• Best Media Owner.

• Best at Innovation.

• Best at Cross-Media.

• Best Partner.

• Most Improved Media Owner.

• Most Improved at Innovation.

• Most Improved at Cross Media.

• Most Improved Media Partner.

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