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ASA gambling review

As noted by the IPA earlier this year, because of the increase in gambling ads since the relaxation of the rules under the Gambling Act 2005, the ASA agreed with DCMS to carry out a review as to how it applies the CAP and BCAP Codes to gambling advertising


View the gambling review here.

The main objective of the review was to determine whether the ASA’s decisions on complaints about gambling ads have been appropriate, consistent and in line with societal expectations. The ASA has looked at complaints brought since 2007, its own decisions from the last year – during which it received complaints on 398 gambling ads - and carried out a survey of public opinion about gambling advertising.

Whilst the ASA is satisfied that it has met its key objectives of protecting young people and vulnerable adults, the review has identified areas that the ASA believes it needs to prioritise in future:

  • Free bet offers and other sales promotions – misleading sales promotions have been the main problem in gambling ads found to breach the rules. The ASA will prioritise potential breaches and will raise proactive challenges itself, even if not raised by complainants.
  • “Toughness” in gambling ads – linking toughness to gambling is prohibited under the rules and is the subject of few complaints. However, the ASA will be more proactive on issues relating to social responsibility, particularly around “toughness” in ads and particular appeal to children. Again, the ASA will raise its own challenges where it deems appropriate.

Findings from the survey suggest that children’s exposure to sports betting is not seen as a significant problem and nor are bingo ads seen as likely to cause children harm. On scheduling, most respondents thought it was the responsibility of parents to control children’s viewing and that sports betting ads should not be restricted from appearing around sporting events. Overall, respondents considered that the UK ad rules appropriately covered their concerns about where and how gambling ads can appear.

The IPA's previous alert can be viewed here

Last updated 07/11/2014

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