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Creative Circle Awards open for entries

The Creative Circle Awards are now open for entries, so what are you waiting for? Choose your finest creative output from 2010 and start filling in your submission form.


Gimme an ooh. Gimme an err. Gimme a matron.

Yes, it’s that time of year again. Time to shamelessly plunder the bawdy back catalogue of Britain’s smutty comedic canon and strap it firmly to The Creative Circle. Ever had your bawdy back catalogue shamelessly plundered, Missus? I bet you have.

Yes. No. Ooh. Listen. Shut yer face. Yes. Oh, please yerself. No. There’s only one thing to do when faced with a looming Double Dip and that’s to turn to the Double Entendre. Laydeez an’ Gennlemun, I give you… CARRY ON UP THE CREATIVE CIRCLE 2011.

Titter ye not. With the threatened stiff rise in VAT that’s about to be forced down our throats, you’d be well advised to enter early and enter often. I know I will. So. Stop messin’ about. Choose your finest creative output from 2010. Select an appropriate category (or five), and fill in that form.

Oh, and before you ask, yes. We WILL be continuing our fancy dress theme for Honours Night 2011. So dust off that Babs bikini, getcha face deep-etched with some Sid James grooves, bone up on your innuendos and join us for a drink on February 28th 2011 .

Creative Circle President Beattie assures us that his will be 'a large one'.

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*copy provided by Trevor Beattie.

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