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Effective social media campaigns

The first batch of case studies that illustrate best practice in social media effectiveness and measurement have just been published on the IPA’s Effectiveness hub.


Fridge Raiders, BT, Transport for London and Icelandic Tourism have been peer reviewed by an expert panel of academics and practitioners as part of the unique #IPA SocialWorks initiative, a joint project from the IPA, MRS (Market Research Society) and the Marketing Society. (A case study from O2 will be available soon.)

#IPASocialWorks will bring together case studies, guidance and cross-industry events to share understanding of what works in social media and how to measure its commercial impact.

A detailed how to guide on the various research techniques will be also published later this year.   

Says Stephen Maher, Chair of #IPASocial Works, Chairman, Marketing Society, and CEO, MBA: “Social media is already a cornerstone of the communications strategies of many brands. And yet a lot of the commercial rigour that is applied to other activity is often not applied to social media. There’s a real opportunity now to provide definitive guidance as an industry on measuring social media’s true business impact”

Get involved
Further robust social ROI case studies are needed to create a comprehensive knowledge bank.  Any agency or client interested in submitting a case study can contact the IPA’s Head of Digital Nigel Gwilliam for more information.  Those cases that meet the standard required will be disseminated publicly.

Last updated 18/03/2014

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