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EU Council agrees its version of the EU Data Protection Regulation

The EU Council has drafted its version of the text of the EU Data Protection Regulation. This is following the Commission and Parliament, which have both already prepared theirs.


The three institutions are now in discussions to negotiate the final version which is expected to be published in October this year. Once agreed, the Regulation will be rolled out across all EU member states, including the UK where it is possible it will come into force in late 2017 or early 2018.

Says Richard Lindsay, IPA Director of Legal & Public Affairs: “Whilst negotiations are ongoing, we still don’t have the final version of the Regulation. What we do know is it is going to require all businesses, including agencies, to change the way they deal with personal data. Although the implementation is still a few years away, agencies should start looking at how they process and protect personal data on behalf of their clients now. They should then be in a good position to make whatever changes might be necessary when the Regulation does come into force.”

Read the full details from the IPA Legal and Public Affairs team here

Last updated 02/07/2015

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