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Gambling advertising law to change from 1 October

The Gambling Commission has published a short guide reminding gambling operators that, as noted in the IPA’s legal alert of 23 May, the law on gambling advertising will change from 1 October 2014 under the Gambling (Licensing and Advertising) Act 2014.


The guide explains that only gambling operators licensed by the Gambling Commission will be allowed to advertise to consumers in Great Britain or provide them with remote gambling facilities. Carriers of gambling advertising in Great Britain, such as broadcasters and publishers, will need to ensure that they only allow licensed operators to advertise. Licensed operators will also have to include a link on their web pages used to access gambling to their licensed status so that consumers and advertising carriers will be able to check that the operator is licensed.

The guide also reminds advertisers to comply with the CAP and BCAP codes - as noted in the IPA’s legal alert of 31 January, CAP and BCAP have published a help note giving guidance on the rules for gambling ads - the Gambling Commission's licence conditions and codes of practice and the Gambling Industry Code for Socially Responsible Advertising.

Last updated 08/10/2014

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