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Grey’s Leo Rayman analyses how to create more diverse creativity

Grey’s Leo Rayman, Chairman of the IPA Strategy Group, has analysed the learnings from the IPA Strategy Group’s week-long, industry-focussed, online Open Strategy debate to uncover the elements essential for creating diverse creativity.


At the beginning of last week (28 July – 1 August), the IPA Strategy Group asked the industry: how can strategists brief for greater creative diversity. This involved an investigation of four award-winning examples of modern, original, diverse creativity, including: Lucky Generals ‘Rainbow Laces’; AMV/BBDO’s ‘Doritos Mariachi’; Grey New York’s ‘Unload Your 401k’ and Lemz Amsterdam’s ‘Terre Des Hommes’ campaigns.

Following interviews with the leading strategists who created these campaigns (including Mother ‘s Katie Mackay, Isobar’s James Caig, AMV BBDO’s Tom White, Grey’s Leo Rayman, SapientNitro’s Simon James and Lemz Amsterdam’s Tim Claasen) on Tumblr and live Q&As on Twitter each day, Group Chairman, Grey’s Leo Rayman has analysed the key themes discussed in order to outline the essential elements for diverse creativity. They are:

• Pull a crew together: a strong bond of trust between the client and their agency partners is essential.

• Redefine the problem. Reimagine the solution: each case investigated had taken a problem and looked at it in a new way; they had reframed the question.

• Culture eats strategy for brunch: create a team culture that allows the right kind of innovative work to be created.

• Same old in, same old out: it is the agency’s responsibility to keep an open mind and imagination and to have the energy to drive it through.

Read Leo’s full analysis on Tumblr, as well as the full interviews with the leading strategists. You can also find out what happened on Twitter and continue the conversation at #IPAStrategy.

The research project has been inspired by the Diversification strand of Ian Priest’s ADAPT agenda. The results will be shared by the Group later this year and will also be incorporated into Ian Priest’s Commercial Creativity Contract, to be published early next year.

Last updated 05/08/2014

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