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How can we become more agile? Have your say

How do you think our industry can adapt to become more real-time?


How should we be measuring social media? What are your thoughts on programmatic trading? How do you think we can we structure for better brand conversations? Get involved in the exciting discussions surrounding ‘Agility’ and Ian Priest’s wider ADAPT agenda by joining the conversations on the IPA’s various platforms including:

On Twitter with the hashtag #ipadapt

Through the IPA’s LinkedIn discussion board. Visit or search for ‘IPA ADAPT’ on LinkedIn.

By contributing to the IPA blog – Please contact the IPA’s Digital and Social Media Editor, Matthew Ogborn if you’d like to get involved.

By visiting the IPA’s ADAPT hub where news from the events as well as the findings, photos and videos from each Adaptathon will be posted.

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Last updated 07/05/2014

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