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How mums are spending their daily lives in 2014

The IPA TouchPoints5 data, published today (27th March), reveals an unrivalled perspective of how people are spending their daily lives and how they are consuming media, and has provided some fascinating new insights about mums.


The data highlights the extent to which mums do more household chores and childcare, what websites they’re visiting, what media they’re using and when, how they are spending their money, as well as their moods throughout the day.

Top ten insights (read in-depth data here):

  • Mums spend almost an hour more time per day doing housework/household jobs than dads.
  • Mums feel ok/fine and happy throughout the day but feel happiest at 7.30pm. Mums with kids aged 0-3 are happiest at 12.30pm and are 15% happier at this time than the average adult.
  • Mums with kids aged 0-3 spend 33mins less time relaxing per day than all adults (2 hours 56mins compared to 3 hours 29mins).
  • Alertness peaks in all adults between 9 and 10.30am, however even at this time all mums are 18% less alert than the average adult (7.2% vs 10.2%) and mums with kids aged 0-3 are 42% less alert (5.9% vs 10.2%). In general, the average adult is more alert at all points in the day than mums.
  • Mums feel most stressed at 4.30pm.
  • 12% of mums visited the Daily Mail website in the last 7 days – the highest out of all newspaper websites.
  • 74% of mums use social networking sites in an average week compared to 54% of all adults.
  • Mums spend £11 more per week on food/drink and groceries than all adults.
  • Price is the biggest factor for mums when choosing their supermarkets with 61% of them saying this is their main reason.
  • Top 5 stores visited by mums in the last 4 weeks are: Boots (44%), M&S (43%), Primark (38%), Argos (36%), New Look (33%).

Says Lynne Robinson, Research Director, IPA: “Being a mum has always been hard work in terms of childcare, housework and balancing the family budget, however, social networking has removed the isolation in that mums are one of the most socially connected demographics.”


For more information and to subscribe to TouchPoints5 visit or contact Belinda Beeftink / 020 7201 8205.

You can also join the conversation on Twitter: #IPATP / #TouchPoints

TouchPoints provides communication strategists with a consumer-centric planning tool which analyses how people are using the increasingly wide range of media available to them and how this usage fits in to their lifestyles. It was first launched in 2006, followed by a second survey in 2008, a third survey in 2010, a fourth survey in 2012 and now its fifth in 2014. It has been emulated by many countries around the world, including France, Italy, Denmark, Switzerland and now the USA.

It is designed as a stand-alone survey and a survey which allows other media research currencies and surveys such as BARB, NRS, RAJAR, TGI etc. and proprietary surveys to be integrated onto it.

The survey, conducted by Ipsos MediaCT, questioned 5,100 adults aged 15+ through a substantial self-completion questionnaire and an e.diary that collected data every half hour for a week on how they were spending their time, their opinions, and the role of media in their lives.

Last updated 27/03/2014

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