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IPA announce training course link-up with NABS

The IPA and NABS have joined forces to offer a series of training courses aimed at retraining, refreshing and retaining the industry’s workforce aged 30-50.


The IPA and NABS are specifically targeting the 30-50 age group as it represents the largest employee fall-out rate in the advertising and media industry, something both organisations are keen to address. This is the first time the training courses will be available to non-IPA members. The courses will cover key areas such as; digital strategy, coding, planning in a digital age, presentation skills and negotiating and winning with procurement.

Says Louise Hinchliffe, Head of Professional Development Courses, IPA: “Working together with NABS was a no-brainer. Both organisations share the same values and desire to help people continue to develop for their benefit and that of our industry. Our courses are specially designed to do this, teaching new skills, refreshing old ones and ensuring our talented workforce remains part of our industry for many years to come.”

Says Zoe Osmond, CEO at NABS: “These training courses aim to focus on what we call a high risk zone of ad industry workers. Over half of the industry fit within this age bracket and only five percent will still be employed in the industry by the age of 50. This leaves a huge gap in experience that can be hard to fill, so retaining these workers is very important. These courses will give people the retraining support they need, so that they can focus on being the best that they can be.”

The training courses will be run for eligible candidates from May 2014 all over the UK and will include:

If you are unemployed and aged 30-50 you may fit the criteria. To find out more, contact NABS directly or visit

Last updated 28/04/2014

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