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IPA elects new members - 15th March 2007

Eight new agencies elected at the IPA Council on 15th March 2007: Airlock, Clark McKay and Walpole, Decipher, Hubbub, Imagination, Krow, Play, Stephen Francis Whitson


At its quarterly Council meeting (15th March 2007), the IPA elected eight new agencies into membership.  The elected agencies include: a creative digital marketing agency, two direct marketing agencies, a media strategy and research agency, a branded content agency, a design and communication agency, a communications company and an interactive agency.

The agencies are: Airlock, Clark McKay and Walpole, DecipherHubbub, Imagination, Krow, Play and Stephen Francis Whitson.

Founded in 2001, Airlock is a creative digital marketing agency based in Shoreditch. There are currently 20 employees. The directors are Will Lebens, Charlie Martin, Joseph Denne and Chris Mair. Their clients include Diesel, BMW and Motorola.

Said Will Lebens, Managing Director, “Airlock is stoked to be joining the IPA, it’s a coming of age for us and represents our commitment to the highest standards.  We’re looking forward to getting involved.”

Clark McKay and Walpole
Clark McKay and Walpole are a direct marketing agency based in London with 79 employees. Martin Nieri is the Managing Director and Ben Dunn, Bob Nash, Ben Rachel, Hamish Grant and Paul Vallois are the directors. Their clients include Peugeot, Greenbee and HFC Bank.

Said Martin Nieri, Managing Director, “After careful consideration we have chosen to join the IPA as we feel it represents the best marketing trade partner for CMW. Not only do we believe that their CPD programme will enhance the future development of our agency and staff but we feel that their voice is leading the field in the issues that matter in this changing media landscape.”

Decipher is a media strategy and research agency that specialises in evolving media. They were established in 1998 and are a private company. Nigel Walley is Managing Director and Founding Partner. Rupert Britton is Director of Consulting, Andy Doyle is Director of Technology and Ian Kenny is the Commercial Director. Their clients include ITV, Vauxhall and Tesco.

Said Nigel Walley, “Our principle rationale for joining the IPA is to take advantage of the CPD programme.”

Hubbub is a branded content agency, established in 1995 and based in Notting Hill Gate. Anna Watkins is the Managing Director and Matt Nicholls and Rob Forshaw are Partners.  Their clients include HSBC, Hugo Fragrances and Lacoste.

Said Anna Watkins, Managing Director, “By joining the IPA, we hope to ensure that branded content becomes an established marketing discipline in its own right, with recognised procedures, approaches and considered models of measurement and evaluation.” 

Imagination is a design and communication agency. It has grown from a single company, established by Founder Gary Withers in London in 1978, into a global concern with full service offices on four continents.  Gary Withers is the founder and CEO, John Banks is the Executive Chairman and Richard Adams is the Group Finance Director. Their clients include The Ford Motor Company - including Mazda, Jaguar, Land Rover, Aston Martin, Lincoln Mercury, BT and Ericsson.
Said John Banks, “Imagination has now grown into an international communications company. Imagination’s new media and web design offer has spearheaded Imagina-tion’s IPA entry. I believe it is vital that Imagination becomes a member of the IPA in order to, amongst other things, gain access to the IPA training that is offered to its members.”

Krow                                                                                                                                            Krow is a communications company based in London, founded by Barry Cook, Nick Hastings, John Quarrey and Malcolm White in September 2005. Their clients include FIAT, Thomson Holidays and Unilever (Elmlea).

Said Barry Cook, Founder, “The best thing about starting your own business is being able to do things differently. Therefore, we didn’t join the IPA as a knee-jerk reaction or because we ‘ought’ to. We joined because we were impressed by the contribution we believed it could make to helping us grow our business and the support it could provide to our people. Which made it an easy decision.”

Founded in January 2005, Play is an interactive agency based in London. Jon Sharpe, Matt Gorzkowski and Ethan Segal are the directors.  Their clients include RBS, ITV and Qantas.'

Said Ethan Segal, director, “The IPA is making exceptional progress shaping the developing interactive industry into a better place for all. We are proud of our new membership and look forward to contributing to its further endeavours.”

Stephen Francis Whitson
Established in 2005, Stephens Francis Whitson is a Direct Marketing agency based in London. Founded by Ben Stephens, Neil Francis and Chris Whitson, their clients include More Th>n, House of Fraser and Callaway Golf Europe.

Said Ben Stephens, Managing Partner, “We have always believed in the role the IPA plays on the part of agencies, providing advice, protection, training and a strong voice.”

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