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IPA elects ten new members – December 2015

At the IPA’s quarterly council meeting yesterday (3rd December) ten agencies were elected into membership: Across the Pond, Guerilla, iris, Joint, LRD, Lucky Generals, Scorch London, Social & Local, The Specialist Works and True. This brings the total number of agencies in IPA membership to 311.


Across the Pond

Founded in 2012, Across the Pond is a creative agency specialising in video content and strategy for innovative brands. Its clients include Google, Malibu and YouTube.

Says Julie Cohen, Managing Director, Across the Pond London, “We wish to join the IPA to become a best in class provider of services to our clients. Of particular interest is the CPD programme for staff training and development. We also want to take an active role in the IPA’s Groups and want to enter the IPA Effectiveness Awards, which we see as one of the awards to win.” 


Founded in 2002, Guerilla is an integrated marketing agency that offers design, branding, Advertising, PR, Digital and Marketing services. Its clients include PHOENIX Group, Network Ticketing and Rowlands Pharmacy. 

Says James Allan, Marketing Director, Guerilla, “We believe that there's a reason why every leading agency is a member of the IPA. We look forward to engaging with like-minded individuals through the IPA’s committees and groups to improve the knowledge and experience of our people both through this participation and, more directly, through the IPA's personal development programmes. We also believe that IPA membership will allow us to anticipate and stay ahead of changes in the industry.” 


iris was founded in 1999 by a team of six people, who forged the agency around a single client. Today, iris is a creative network of over 1000 people in 13 offices, working with brands including Samsung, adidas and Shell.   

Says Steve Bell, CEO (Europe), iris, "We're looking forward to joining forces with the IPA and other members to help shake up and shape the future of the industry. And of course, access some top notch training and knowledge share opportunities for our ever growing, ever more talented, ever more diverse 400-strong team in London."


Joint is a creative company founded in London in June 2012. Its clients include TSB, Amazon and Thatchers Cider. 

Says Richard Exon, Founder, Joint London, “The Founders of Joint have had long-term involvement with the IPA from previous roles and wish to continue as an IPA member. The IPA’s leadership around the value of creativity, the importance of innovation and the power of talent development is particularly pertinent to Joint’s ambitions.” 


Founded in 2008, LRD is a Guernsey based marketing, communications, public relations, advertising and design agency. Its clients include Genting Alderney Ltd, Aurigny and Jersey Electricity PLC.

Says Tom Robertshaw, Managing Director, LRD, “Being based in the Channel Islands it is imperative that we remain at the forefront of the communications business. Joining the IPA will enable us to draw on the expertise, knowledge and collective intelligence that the IPA membership can uniquely offer. This will not only give us a competitive edge but enable us to be part of, and contribute to larger industry debates.Furthermore IPA credentials will support the fact that we are a well managed and professionally run agency.” 

Lucky Generals

Founded in 2013, Lucky Generals is creative company for people on a mission. Its clients include Amazon, Paddy Power and Hostelworld. 

Says Andy Nairn - Founder, Lucky Generals, “Since launching in May 2013, our agency has experienced significant growth and increasingly find ourselves working with large, ambitious companies with highly professional marketing teams, dedicated procurement departments, complex commercial challenges, diverse remuneration models, wide-ranging creative remits and global comms requirements. All of these represent exciting opportunities, but also challenges, and IPA membership will help us make the most of them, by giving us access to a world of data, professional advice and best practice learnings.” 

Scorch London

Founded in 2006, Scorch London is a full service advertising agency specialising in TV, Outdoor, Digital Advertising and Social Content. Scorch London’s clients include Renault, Mazda, Stubhub and Unilever. 

Says Duncan Ramsay, Chief Strategy Officer, “Everyone at Scorch London is thrilled that we have been accepted into the IPA membership. We have grown independently over the last nine years - and we’re proud to have developed successful campaigns for a wide range of fantastic brands over that time. The IPA offers excellent CPD opportunities for our enthusiastic team to continue growing in ability as well as size - and of course we’re happy to be aligning ourselves with an organisation representing the best of the UK advertising industry.” 

Social & Local

Founded in 2011, Social & Local is a strategic communications agency specialising in the delivery of insight, brand and campaign strategy and stakeholder engagement focussed on improving trading performance through brand purpose. It is also a community interest company which invest 50% of its profits to encourage social entrepreneurship in the creative industries. Clients include: Ikano Bank, Barnado’s and Houses of Parliament. 

Says Stephanie Drakes, CEO, Social and Local, “As we grow and begin to attract bigger name clients to our services the IPA membership evidences a level of excellence and sustainability/financial solidity that is otherwise taken by our word. As a micro business we do not always have the bandwidth of skills and knowledge to guide us on such as legality, codes, contract development, intelligence. We will be looking to the IPA and its services to give us access and help us to keep abreast of trends.” 

The Specialist Works 

Founded in 2003, The Specialist Works is a media and marketing agency, specialising in using offline media to drive online response. Its clients include Ovo Energy, Multiyork and The White Company.

Says Martin Woolley, Marketing Director, The Specialist Works, “Being part of the IPA network will help support our growth and enhance our professional status. Our intention is to be in the strongest position to challenge our peers in the, pitch, client service and awards with a committed team of advertising professionals. We see IPA membership as empowering our senior managers through sharing the latest industry developments, attendance at conferences, and membership of committees and use of the IPA mentoring services. Ongoing CPD is key across all levels of our business, so our staff can grow along with our agency.” 


Founded in 2004, True are a top 5 UK independent digital agency. Their dedicated team of creative digital experts work in partnership with clients including Fuller’s, npower and Pets Drugs Online focussing on positive customer experiences and results. 

Says Tim Beckett, MD and Founding Partner, True, “We have a three year vision to help invent our client’s digital future with work that inspires us and them. To achieve this, we are investing in our strategic capability, our talent, our proposition, offer and partners to support us on this journey. We see membership of the IPA as an important factor in our plans, and recognise the significant kudos which comes with IPA accreditation. In particular, we’re keen to benefit from all the advisory services, thought leadership and best practices - and to make use of the courses, CPD and qualifications that can help us retain and grow our True talent.” 

If you have any queries or would like to join IPA membership please contact our Head of New Business, Aisling Conlon –


Last updated 04/12/2015

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