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IPA expresses concern over new EU copyright reform proposals

The IPA has today issued a public statement expressing its concern over the potential impact that some of the current proposals to reform EU copyright law could have on the advertising industry and wider creative industries in the UK.


One proposal of particular concern would restrict the right of Freedom of Panorama (the right to create images of buildings and public monuments without infringing copyright). 


Currently, for example, agencies can use a photo of the London skyline, including buildings such as the Gherkin, Shard and London Eye, without needing to get permission (or pay a licence fee).  This would change under the current proposal, which could mean that agencies would need a licence to create and use images of buildings and public monuments.  It could also create a new layer of administration for agencies and lead to additional costs.


Says India Forsyth, Senior Legal Counsel - Legal & Public Affairs: “Whilst we believe there are large parts of the report that make commercial sense in terms of updating and harmonizing aspects of copyright law for a digital age, there are areas that we believe could cause administrative and financial issues for those in the creative industries and upset the balance between rights holders and users. The current copyright exception in UK law for Freedom of Panorama works well for all.


The draft report is being voted on this week by Parliament (9 July 2015), before going to the Commission.


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