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IPA launches three-year programme to attract diverse graduate talent

The IPA has today announced its three-year, three-pronged programme to attract diverse talent into the advertising industry, focused on STEM and BAME students from top UK universities. The programme kicks off today with the unveiling of AdMission, the newly redesigned popular industry careers and jobs portal.


View AdMission here

Following extensive research and interviews with students, young adlanders, careers advisers and HR Directors an opportunity for a joined-up talent strategy was identified. Following industry endorsement, the IPA has set out a three-part plan to:

Reposition the industry in the eyes of careers advisers and students through AdMission:

Through the redesign and re-launch of the industry careers and jobs portal AdMission, the IPA aims to create a world of advertising which is future facing and enticing. Importantly it also reflects the needs of the contemporary advertising and communication industry.

The site contains sections on what advertising is all about, blogs, news events, jobs and internship opportunities, links to agencies, examples of campaign work and profiles of current adlanders from a range of disciplines.

Provide greater on campus visibility for and with members through strategic partnerships:

The IPA will host events on campus to re-position the industry for the digital age and educate the undergraduate community about new job roles.  To deliver the activity, the IPA has partnered with recruitment specialists Step and SEO to help engage STEM and BAME students respectively.

In addition, 30 under 30-year-olds, from IPA member agencies, have put themselves forward to be ambassadors both for the website and for campus visits. The ambassador programme will help build stronger relationships with careers advisers and other faculty staff. The first year will focus on thirty leading UK universities. It will use these learnings to grow reach in subsequent years.

Create opportunities for undergraduates to experience advertising through internships:

The IPA is setting up an AdMission internship programme to offer penultimate year and final year students 10-12 week placements within leading agencies. It aims to place over 50 students – focussing on those from STEM/BAME, within its first year.

Says Janet Hull OBE, IPA Director of Marketing Strategy and Executive Director Creative Pioneers: “Diversity is good for business. Different people bring different skills and different thinking to the table. Through our comprehensive programme, we hope to attract graduates from a wider range of backgrounds and disciplines to up-skill the industry and achieve better cross-cultural representation in every part of the business.

She went on to say “Through annual research, the IPA has identified our members take on nearly 1000 graduates a year, making the advertising industry a top 10 graduate employer. We believe it will be good for graduates, as prospective employees, to be able to go to a single portal and discover the great career opportunities our members can offer”.

Says Tom Knox, IPA President: “To attract and retain the best talent we have to tell our story in a way that inspires them and we have to create careers and working environments that will nurture and fulfil them. By committing to this programme we are taking a significant step in securing the future of our industry.”

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