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IPA President unveils ‘ADAPTATHONS’

A series of exploratory and potentially groundbreaking ‘adaptation experiments’ between clients and agencies will take place over the course of Ian Priest’s IPA Presidency.


The creation of hackathon-style events or ‘ADAPTATHONS’™ as they will be termed, was announced by Priest today (20th June 2013) as he launched his programme for his ‘ADAPT’ agenda, during a client-agency panel session at the annual ad festival in Cannes. The first adaptathon will be in the autumn and will focus on ‘Alliances’ between clients and agencies on how to work better together for mutual gain.

The IPA will be holding five of these across the next 18 months, working in partnership with the experience agency Imagination, looking in depth at each of the themes that form the acronym ADAPT (Alliances, Diversification, Agility, Profit and Talent) exploring new areas of best practice to achieve greater commercial creativity from an evolving advertising industry.

Each event will launch a series of experiments that will ‘hack’ the future of the industry by putting into practice new thinking and fresh approaches between clients and agencies. Participants will then report back to the industry their experiences and results, with the outputs of the programme culminating in a new contractual blueprint for success; the ultimate objective of Priest’s agenda.

The core issues around how the industry can adapt were debated by senior agency representatives and clients during today’s IPA Cannes breakfast session chaired by Priest. Profero’s Dale Gall and CHI’s Johnny Hornby were joined on a panel by Coca-Cola’s Jonathan Mildenhall and Google’s Steve Vranakis. Mildenhall and Vranakis also sit on the President’s recently created ‘Client Council’ made up of influential forward thinking clients who will work with the IPA across the ADAPT programme.

Says Ian Priest: “It is my intention that the ADAPT programme and its various initiatives focused around the ADAPTATHON events will inspire both clients and agencies to open up and experiment. For this to work requires both sides of the equation to get involved in the programme and work together to evolve best practice, oust bad practice, genuinely innovate and share learnings to help shape our common future.”

More details on how to sign up to the ‘Alliances’ adapthathon and its focus on the client-agency relationship will be published soon.

Ian Priest was elected as President of the IPA in April this year. He will be serving a two-year term.

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Last updated 20/06/2013

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