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IPA reaction to CAP rules on HFSS advertising to children

The IPA has provided its reaction to CAP's new restrictions regarding the advertising of HFSS to children on non-broadcast channels.


View CAP's statement and download the full regulatory statement and responses to the consultation here.

Says Richard Lindsay, IPA Director of Legal & Public Affairs:

“CAP's public consultation and its decision to introduce new HFSS restrictions in non-broadcast advertising shows that the self-regulatory system is strong enough to take difficult decisions and flexible enough to implement them. Given the IPA President’s stated agenda that advertising should be a force for good, we support this initiative.

Agencies already adhere to the rules governing the advertising of HFSS products on television and, since the means by which children consume media has changed considerably over the years, it makes sense to align the non-broadcast rules with those for television.

Agencies now have until 1 July 2017 to ensure that their creative content and media planning strategies take these new rules into account (though there will be an additional three-month transitional period for advertisers who can demonstrate to the ASA that the media space in question was booked prior to CAP’s announcement on 8 December 2016).”

The IPA has provided a guidance note on the changes to its members.

Last updated 15/12/2016

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