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IPA responds to ISBA/ARC Survey

The IPA has today welcomed the positive observations about the importance of long-termism in the ARC Creative Survey. It does, however, question whether the survey is representative in terms of advertiser response since it understands that out of 954 people questioned only 93 responded. The survey also comes at the end of a year where clients and agencies have come together under the IPA ADAPT agenda to discuss agility, performance and talent and agreed a Joint Industry Performance Charter.


Says IPA Director General Paul Bainsfair: “Surveys are surveys and the role of the agency today is undoubtedly a more complex one. What we do know is that the UK leads the world in understanding marketing payback, and we also know that enlightened clients are asking agencies to help them add value to their businesses. There is evidence all around us that agencies continue to do a brilliant job. The recent IPA Effectiveness Awards are testament to work that works across a plethora of platforms.

“If clients want to improve their agency relationships the most important point the survey makes, within what are sometimes conflicting points, is that clients and agencies who have the longest relationship, invest in one another, trust one another and produce the best work. We also know it takes three years to really bed down a relationship and that anything less will be unsatisfactory for both sides.”

“This is the message I would like people to take from this survey because it is a universal truth. It is also one that borne out by other surveys including those by business management consultants Aprais, who have a survey base of over 8,000 respondents that includes and extends beyond the UK market.”

The July 2014 IPA Performance Adaptathon Joint Industry Performance Charter sets out both business performance and relationship principles which start with ‘Marketing should be seen less as a short-term, discretionary spend and more as an investment to help grow the business now and in the future’ and ‘Investing in the client/agency relationship will deliver a business return’.
There are also some top tips for clients from agencies which include:

  • Aim to be a client of choice. You will get better work.
  • Assess whether you are a client that is willing to be a pioneer.
  • Be aware of your business objectives (your key KPIs and measures) and be clear on the outcomes you want and how the marketing outcomes link to business performance.
  • See marketing funds as an investment rather than an expenditure.
  • Measurement should be baked-in at the outset and needs to be over a period of six months’ minimum.

Read the Performance Adaptathon booklet here.

IPA Finance Director Tom Lewis added: “The survey usefully reminds clients of the need to embed into agency contracts a set of KPIs that are based on the client’s business objectives. There are also some other useful structural prompts for clients such as who they appoint as lead roster agency and how they remunerate agencies who have to work together. We will continue to work with our members and their clients on the useful outputs of our Performance Adaptathon which covers the procedural, psychological and performance aspects and the value of training.”

The IPA ADAPT agenda ran from October 2013 to October 2014 and covered:
- Alliances
- Diversification
- Agility
- Performance
- Talent
Further details can be found here.

Last updated 18/11/2014

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