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IPA responds to production companies’ open letter

The IPA has issued its response to an open letter from production companies regarding the production pitch process.


The letter, published in Campaign today, calls on UK ad agencies to avoid a “rigged” bidding system.

Says Paul Bainsfair, IPA Director General:

“No-one wants a rigged system and there isn’t one. As we have pointed out previously, the IPA confirmed to the APA and their member production companies - at their request - that if any agency in-house production units were intending to pitch alongside external production companies, the agencies would inform the production companies from the outset. That way they could decide whether or not they wished to join the pitch process.

“In numerous cases, agencies have pitched in-house against external production companies and the external production companies have won the pitch and produced the work. In all of these cases the external production companies were made aware that the agencies’ in-house production units were also pitching and yet they still participated – successfully - in the pitch. We want to allay the concern of the production companies: all our member agencies should be committed to a pitch process that is transparent and properly conducted.

“It is unreasonable to suggest that agencies shouldn’t also pitch for this work and unjustified to suggest that they are incapable of running the pitch process fairly.”

This is a follow-up to the IPA’s initial statement issued last week. 

Last updated 19/01/2017

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