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IPA welcomes B/CAP consultation into e-cigarette marketing

The IPA has today (27th February) welcomed the launch of a public consultation on proposals to introduce new rules for the advertising of electronic cigarettes by B/CAP.


Says Richard Lindsay, IPA Legal Director: “A number of ASA adjudications on e-cigarette ads last year, particularly television commercials, show that e-cigarette producers are understandably confused as to how their products can be advertised within the current CAP and B/CAP rules. The obvious problem has been that there are no product-specific rules in place and the broadcast rules prohibiting advertising which might create an association with tobacco products have been adding to the confusion. They were written before e-cigarettes were developed and widely sold. Hopefully, this consultation will enable B/CAP to draft a clear set of sensible rules which will enable agencies to create campaigns for what is surely a product beneficial to consumers."

The consultation will close at 5pm on Monday 28 April 2014 and is available to download here.

The IPA has also produced a legal guidance note for its members about the recent amendments proposed to the EU Tobacco Products Directive which will affect the advertising of e-cigarettes. Read more here.

Last updated 27/02/2014

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