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Let's kick-start the remuneration revolution

In this month's Marketing Magazine, IPA President Ian Priest discusses remuneration, and why now is the time to explore different models.


"We all understand the power of incentives. It seems curious, then, that, as more clients pursue innovation and commit bigger budgets to top-line growth, both sides of the industry apparently remain wedded to a payments model that neither incentivises agencies nor rewards outstanding commercial creativity.

"Of course, the time-based payment model linked to input or output has a role, and may continue to account for the bulk of client-agency remuneration models. Nonetheless, although it can surely be improved, time-based payment is not geared to reward the kind of commercial creativity that creates value, drives innovation (and its corollary, risk-taking) and, ultimately, provides the client with business-transforming ideas," says Priest.

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