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Make the Leap towards better diversity

Industry leaders choose the extra day in February to make the leap towards achieving diversity and equality goals by 2020.


The IPA in partnership with Campaign released a report in January showing how our industry was performing on a variety of diversity measures. As a result IPA President Tom Knox set some new targets for 2020 at the annual President’s Reception.

To build on this momentum, both within our industry and as a topic of big debate more widely, we thought we should collectively make a pledge to achieve these targets. And the best day to launch? The 29th February - an extra day in the month where we can all 'make a new leap!' to 2020, which is the next leap year.

Called MakeTheLeap, we are calling for all agencies, media owners and companies within the advertising and media world to make their pledge to achieve 4 targets over the next 4 years.

The campaign is being orchestrated by collaboration between the IPA, adam&eveDDB, Campaign and in partnership with Twitter UK, who will be promoting and signing up to the pledge.

To participate companies will be asked to visit, submit their pledge and tweet they have signed up.

In joining #MakeTheLeap company leaders pledge to

- aim for 40 % female representation in senior positions by 2020

- aim for 15 % BAME representation in senior positions by 2020

- help eliminate unconscious bias through training

- raise awareness of our flexible, or agile, working policies

IPA President Tom Knox said:

“This initiative puts into action all the great intention and momentum building around the issue in the industry, it does so in a simple and accessible way. This is not about scrutinizing which agencies are doing better or worse than others, or applying unrealistic goals, but by asking agencies to make a pledge and take a step it should move the issue far higher up their agenda”.

Tammy Einav Managing Director from adam&eveDDB said:

“This is an issue we all collectively have to address. Following on from the IPA’s report earlier this year, the extra day in February felt like a great opportunity to put words into action and make a pledge to achieve the newly set targets. This is an important moment for us to truly embrace the diversity of talent and ensure equal and fair employment for our industry that we can all be proud of.”

Dara Nasr, Managing Director, Twitter UK said:

"For us to deliver real and meaningful improvements in diversity and equality it's crucial that we pull together as an industry. By pledging to meet these new standards we're sending out a clear message that things have to - and will – change."

Find out more and pledge at:

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