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M&S joins stellar line-up to talk Conscious Capitalism

Patrick Bousquet-Chavanne, Executive Director for Marketing and International at Marks & Spencer is to join David Abraham, Freya Williams and Peter Oborne, to discuss how brands can be both profitable and purposeful at the IPA’s Conscious Capitalism breakfast event on 11th May at Picturehouse Central.


Patrick will discuss this issue from the frontline - talking through how and why M&S have embraced their Plan A initiative which helps protect the planet by sourcing responsibly, reducing waste and helping communities; and the role that advertising and marketing have played in bringing this to life.

He will also outline:

  • how M&S can show success as a responsible retailer through their Plan A initiative
  • what the impact of adopting Plan A has been on the business
  • what they have learnt along the way
  • how their experiences have impacted on how they work with, and brief, their agencies.

The event will comprise of four speaker slots, followed by a panel session moderated by IPA President Tom Knox. Attendees will learn how the industry can embrace a more socially beneficial form of capitalism: whether that’s through introducing ‘good’ into commercial campaigns; or highlighting the opportunities for agencies to become ‘purpose guardians’ for their clients; and what this means for the way agencies are run.

Says IPA President Tom Knox: “There’s no doubt that the concept of “conscious capitalism” is now very much part of the mainstream of thinking about brands. From large multinational companies like Unilever to smaller niche brands like Tom’s, marketing companies are trying to square the circle of profitability and growth with strong ethical values and sustainability, and advertising is playing its part in this process

“I am quite sure that “Conscious Capitalism” is not “the one size fits all” solution to all marketing problems. However, it’s a major consideration in today’s marketing landscape, and I look forward to discussing it with some of its leading thinkers, not to mention some healthily sceptical detractors!”

The event will take place from 8.30am-11.30am on Wednesday 11th May at Picturehouse Central, London.

Full information and to purchase tickets.

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