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New IPA Chairman asserts advertising's value to Scotland

Incoming IPA Chairman for Scotland Brian Coane detailed advertising’s role as a powerful force for Scottish society and for business in his inaugural speech delivered to an audience of leading figures in the communications and wider business communities in Edinburgh this evening (13th May 2015).


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Watch Brian's speech here.

In his stirring address, Coane outlined his two-year Creative for Scotland agenda to elevate the status of advertising in Scotland by promoting its value and values to ensure its long-term future.

Creativity bigger employer than oil industry

“The creative industries are the fastest growing sector in the UK economy, contributing £5.8bn to the Scottish economy and employing 68,000 people. This is more people than work in the oil industry. And advertising is a vital driver of this growth. It not only provides the strategy and creative thinking that builds commercial brands and changes behaviour, but it also commissions the production and distribution on those strategies and ideas. The rest of the creative industries benefit directly from it, yet this is a story that is not well told.

“We must articulate the value we bring. To Scottish Government, Scottish Enterprise and Creative Scotland. To help celebrate this, we will be staging an event to coincide with The Turner Prize to assert advertising’s cultural importance.”

Building innovation through technology and creativity

Coane also pledged to spark the imagination and innovation of the advertising industry’s people, and to attract the next generation of talent into the industry. This, he stated, would be achieved by focusing on what it’s good at: its world-renowned creativity.

“As an industry we are driven by our creativity. Powerful, inspiring, memorable creativity that solves problems, builds connections, shapes brands. From Robert Louis Stevenson to Grand Theft Auto, Scotland is world-renowned for its creativity. The IPA can harness that creativity for the good of Scotland.”

By building up the connections with the creative people in the industry, and by working with Interactive Scotland on CreativeTech events, we will bring together technical pioneers with creative thinkers to stimulate innovation.

Strengthening links with creative education in Scotland

Additionally, Coane stated that by strengthening the advertising industry’s links with Scotland’s first class academia and encouraging more people to start their careers in advertising, more business will be attracted to Scotland over the longer term.

“The more people who can talk positively about the talent in Scotland, the better. The more people who say they got good at what they do by starting here the better the reputation of our industry will be.”

Read speech here.

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