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PHD media’s Simon Harwood proves his effectiveness prowess

Congratulations to Simon Harwood, Head of Futures at PHD media who has won the IPA Effectiveness Awards Shortlist Quiz having successfully proven how well he knew the shortlist for the 2014 IPA’s Effectiveness Awards.


In honour of the IPA Effectiveness Awards being hosted by Great British Bake Off host Sue Perkins, Simon has been presented with 22 delicious cupcakes, a copy of The Great British Bake Off: Big Book of Baking and a bottle of champagne.

Full set of questions and answers below.

Q.1 They said what? 

Identify which of the following quotes comes from which of these three author interviews from the IPA Effectiveness Shortlist (ITV, Sainsbury's, first direct)

i) “The low point was when we unveiled the logo…and it got negative feedback on Twitter, even being described as looking like a complicated sex toy.”

A: ITV (read interview here)

ii) “I think I muttered the words ‘this is f*&%ing gold dust."

A: Sainsbury’s (read interview here)

iii) “A definite high point was seeing the love that people had for the platypus."

A: first direct (read interview here)

Q2. Blankety Blank

Fill in the blanked brands in the following quotes from shortlisted author interviews.

i) “Sadly, the clients from _____’s parent company in France were never very happy with Zingy.”

A: EDF (read interview here)

ii) “_____s are ideal for this as they have four green traffic lights and are only 208 calories”.

A: Ready Baked Jackets (read interview here)

iii) “He’s the perfect balance of a man of the people and therefore credible for ______ and comedy royalty that brings some celeb sparkle to the campaign”.

A: Premier Inn - Lenny Henry is the "comedy royalty". (read interview here)

3. Name that Tune

Which 1970’s disco classic could save someone’s life if you followed the instructions of the one of the shortlisted case studies?

A: Stayin' Alive by the Bee Gees (see TV ad along with other campaign creative here)

4. Location, location, location (shoots)

According to the IPA Effectiveness Shortlist, where in the world could you go to find:

i) a "twisted football" tournament?

A: Malaysia (read the MILO case study here)

ii) sympathetic girlfriend/mother in law advice?

A: Australia (read the Foster's case study here)

iii) a former international Rugby player?

A: New Zealand (read the National Depression Initiative case study here)

5. Picture this

Name the shortlisted Effectiveness paper from which this image is taken.

Aviva pic

A: Aviva (full title of published case is "One careful owner")


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