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JICWEBS report reveals brand safety progress

To coincide with today’s JICWEBS “town hall” for the UK digital advertising industry, JICWEBS is publishing a report revealing the progress that’s been made in minimising the risk of advertising misplacement, thus improving brand safety online, since the launch of the Digital Trading Standards Group (DTSG) Good Practice Principles just over one year ago.


View the report here.

View the Good Practice Principles here.

JICWEBS – the UK’s Joint Industry Committee for Web Standards – is the industry body that defines and facilitates good practice and standards for digital ad trading, particularly around Brand Safety, Ad Viewability and Anti-Fraud.

The report from the DTSG – the committee focused on brand safety, comprising members from all sectors of the digital display ad trading ecosystem – shows that 28 ad businesses have been awarded seals confirming they meet standards aimed at reducing the risk of online ads being served next to inappropriate or illegal content. A further 12 are progressing towards this same accreditation.

“Facilitated by JICWEBS, the UK digital advertising industry has made good progress in delivering cross-industry good practice, making transparency and increased trust in the supply chain a reality,” said Guy Phillipson, CEO of the IAB UK. “Today’s report shows the ongoing success of the DTSG in improving brand safety online, including minimising the risk of advertising misplacement.”

Nigel Gwilliam, IPA's Consultant Head of Digital and Emerging Technologies, said: “The DTSG is an example of what cross-industry collaboration can deliver. For example, the IPA Digital Media Group estimates DTSG signatories represented over two thirds of the applicable digital display ad market by the end of 2014, growing to around 80%-90% this year. The aim is to replicate the successful DTSG model as our industry builds anti-fraud initiatives in 2015.”

“Today’s “town hall” will update the industry on plans for 2015 and to facilitate feedback and opinion, because the ever-evolving nature of digital advertising requires good practice to be reappraised,” said JICWEBS’ Chairman Richard Foan. “The various committees covering brand safety, viewability and anti-fraud will continue to deliver relevant and updated proposals for review and adoption by JICWEBS during 2015. We aim to make a further update in April.”

David Ellison, ISBA Marketing Services Manager, said: “Advertisers look forward to their media agencies and technology partners in the value chain using the tools and standards JICWEBS has established to further increase confidence in online advertising.”

Tim Cain, the AOP’s Managing Director, said: “Cross-industry collaboration will become more prominent as both the buy and sell side work to make the medium as effective as possible for advertising.”

The report is available from the JICWEBS website here.

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