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Summer holiday internships- to pay or not to pay plus other tips for employers

The IPA would like to remind agencies taking people on for work experience/internships this summer that they should not forget their legal obligations. Failure to consider these could result in legal liabilities and/or reputational damage.


Agencies are therefore reminded of the IPA’s guidance and top tips for employers set out in the following guidance notes:

These notes cover:

  • What constitutes ‘work experience’ and an ‘internship’.
  • Who is and is not entitled to the National Minimum Wage (“NMW”) when it comes to internship arrangements.
  • Issues for consideration when arranging an internship.
  • Suggested written terms.
  • Other law and regulation that agencies should be aware of when organising internships.  For example, health and safety, equal opportunities and intellectual property rights.
  • The penalties and other potential implications of failing to comply with NMW requirements.

IPA members also now have access to an Employment Template: Internship Agreement from the Employment page of our website.  This is suitable for a short, unpaid internship that is a genuine learning experience.  It is prepared on the basis that the individual is neither an employee nor a worker.



Last updated 04/08/2016

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