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Talent: how to attract, retain and nurture it

The IPA has today (8th January 2015) published an industry guide to address how to fill the future skills gap, retain talent and make the industry more diverse to achieve commercial creativity. It is the fifth and final chapter in a series on the ADAPT agenda led by IPA President Ian Priest and reports on the main outputs from the Talent Adaptathon.


Says Ian Priest, IPA President: “My ADAPT agenda has focused on the things we need to do as an industry; better alliances with our clients; a more diverse approach to our work by partnering with other forms of creative; becoming more agile, more multi-dimensional; and linking our remuneration more closely to our performance.

“But that only gets us so far. To complete the circle, we need the right talent. It’s the talent that differentiates us, and makes us better.”

This latest Talent chapter reiterates the need for the industry to take collective, joined-up action in schools and universities to capture talented hearts and minds from an early age. To achieve this it outlines the three main outputs from the Talent Adaptathon that the industry must take action on:

  1. If we claim to understand our audiences we need to reflect this in the make-up of our own workforce.
  2. The pace of technological change means we need to recruit talent with different skill sets.
  3. We often say people are an agency’s most important asset. But we can’t be glib about this.

In addition to outlining three main outputs the chapter provides further exploration, inspiration and investigation on talent:


Read about how Max Blumberg, an expert in human resources strategy, set the context for a wider debate about the value of talent and the issues around getting it and keeping it. Using the enterprise capital framework model, he explores the three key drivers impacting on workforce motivation. He also argues that human capital drives quality and innovation in companies and that it is the one asset most difficult to replicate.


Learn about the different methods companies can use to identify the new talent they need and how they can recruit it. Three case studies from Nesta, Teach First and Leo Burnett Group bring a qualitative dimension to the conversation on finding and nurturing talent.


Find out about the ideas that came out of the three AdaptLabs: how to attract and retain entrepreneurial tech talent, how to keep top talent and reduce staff turnover rates, along with how to increase the range of candidates applying for jobs in agencies.

Read the full chapter here

To find out more about the ADAPT agenda please visit the ADAPT hub.

IPA President Ian Priest will be discussing the next steps for the ADAPT agenda at tonight’s (8th January 2015) IPA Presidents Reception. 

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