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TouchPoints goes global

The IPA’s consumer-centric, cross-media dataset, TouchPoints, is set for further global expansion as part of Starcom MediaVest Group’s PACE Panel.


TouchPoints is an integral part of Starcom MediaVest Group’s (SMG) PACE Panel, a proprietary global consumer knowledge platform that combines media usage data in context with custom research and convenience panel capabilities with data collected via mobile devices. In the US and the UK, the PACE Panel is already live as it is based upon existing capabilities of the TouchPoints initiatives. By the end of 2015, the panel will have expanded globally to an additional 20 markets including Canada, Australia, India and Russia.

The PACE Panel was developed with RealityMine, utilising the company’s proprietary technology platforms which power TouchPoints™ in multiple markets around the world. TouchPoints is the only syndicated consumer insights and cross-platform research product designed to inform integrated communications strategy, planning and execution and was originally created and launched by the IPA in the UK.

SMG’s PACE Panel platform consists of ongoing consumer understanding that informs strategy, activation, and analytics by providing globally consistent, yet locally relevant data that unlocks key audience behaviours and purchasing trends across categories. It is based upon an opt-in eDiary that collects information on location, social settings, activities, media usage and emotions every half hour, and also passively tracks the activities of mobile device usage.

The platform is connected with and integrated into SMG’s audience management platform in order to synch with all other data sets. In addition, PACE Panel provides custom research opportunities with re-contact questionnaires and custom panels which provides marketers with new ways to generate rich understanding and measurement across niche targets for product development or concept testing as well as media planning and activation. 

Says Lynne Robinson, IPA Research Director, “TouchPoints has been a hugely successful survey. Part of its original design was making it compatible for integration with other data sources and we are delighted that SMG are now leveraging the TouchPoints resource on a global basis.”

Says Kate Sirkin, EVP, Global Director of Audience and Measurement Solutions at Starcom MediaVest Group, “SMG’s PACE Panel provides the contextual data that ensures we place messaging and content that will generate reach with as much relevance to the consumer journey and as close to the point of purchase as possible. Furthermore, this single source data set and platform offers a rich understanding of how time and place can improve message relevance in specific categories. SMG’s PACE Panel is an example of a best-in-class product that effectively applies audience and measurement solutions to best connect brands with the pace and purpose of people.”

Says Garry Partington, RealityMine CEO, “With ad buying increasingly moving from a focus upon ‘media’ to ‘audience,’ behavioral and contextual analytics are emerging as the key to relevant consumer understanding and insights. SMG has been a leader in defining this evolution and we are delighted to be partnering in this global expansion of what has been a truly revolutionary PACE panel.”

Last updated 02/04/2015

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