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TouchPoints Smart analyses consumers’ smart phone behaviour

The IPA has launched TouchPoints Smart, a highly visual, user friendly, analytics tool providing IPA TouchPoints’ subscribers with in-depth insight into smart phone users and their behaviour.


Developed by Meta, Kinetic Worldwide’s data consultancy division, the visualisation tool enables TouchPoints subscribers to understand smart phone behaviour from how the use of apps changes across the day, to analysing how users fit in smart phone use alongside their everyday activities.

Says Belinda Beeftink, Deputy Research Director, IPA: “This tool makes it easy for subscribers to quickly gain insight from a highly complex and extremely large data set. It brings the analysis to the user and means that access to the data is not limited to specialist analysts.”

The IPA's TouchPoints Smart allows users to easily and quickly combine the passively collected smartphone data together with the richness of the e.diary data, enabling users to analyse for example, what respondents are doing on their smartphones whilst watching tv during peaktime on a Saturday night.

The passive data provides enormous granularity of data for mobile use which would be unavailable elsewhere, including apps and websites visited, calls mafe and received and texts made and received. The data shows whether the user is wifi or network connected and metrics are available for reach, duration and number of sessions.

The IPA aims to make data and insight readily available to a broader range of users regardless of their analytical capability. This will provide the user with unique insight into how mobile use changes in relation to demographic groups. The tool will include dynamically updated summary charts based upon the audience selected, facilitating fast and comprehensive analytics on demand.

For further examples and information about the latest TouchPoints 5, visit the TouchPoints section of the IPA website.

The IPA has also published the TouchPoints Works guide that provides an overview of some of the best TouchPoints case histories from the past 10 years to showcase the invaluable ways that subscribers have used the unique data to deliver actionable insights for both their clients and their own businesses. View here

Last updated 07/11/2014

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