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Vote for the content you want to see at SXSW 2016

From making science sexy to the secret live of emojis, biometrics to big data. These are just some of the presentation proposals submitted by UK agencies for possible inclusion into the SXSW Interactive Festival programme line-up. Vote for your favourite proposal now.


The PanelPicker is a two-step online process that allows the SXSW community to have a significant voice in the final programme of the SXSW Interactive Festival. Public votes account for 30% of the total vote, with the SXSW Advisory Board making up 40% and SXSW Staff 30%. Voting is open until Friday 4th September on the official website.

Says Nigel Gwilliam, Consultant Head of Media and Emerging Technology, “We have been blown away by the scale and breadth of submissions from IPA member agencies to next year’s SXSW. More than ever before, technology powers almost every aspect of business, culture and society. That UK agencies have submitted proposals for 14 different content themes from Global Good through Entrepreneurialism & Business to the Intelligent Future is testament to the ranging role agencies play in a technologically enabled world.”

Proposals from UK representatives include:

Branding and Marketing:

Intelligent Future:

Entrepreneurialism & Business

Design & Development:

Entertainment and Immersion:

Art, Science & Inspiration:

Health & MedTech:

Content & Distribution:

Global Good:

Style & Fashion Tech:

Data Analytics:

Government & Policy:

Instructional Strategies:

Music Technology:

The 2016 SXSWi Festival takes place between 11-20 March.

If you are submitting a presentation proposal and you would like it to be included in our list please get in touch with

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