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Essential Business Books

We publish key thought leadership pieces to promote the value of advertising or further the industry's learning on a particular subject. Topics covered include behavioural economics, creativity, effectiveness and accountability.

The Value Of Advertising

The Value of Advertising is the IPA’s essential guide on Billing vs Pricing, designed to help agencies develop a more strategic and valuable commercial model. Hardcopy: Members only from £75 for 5 copies

Media in Focus: Marketing effectiveness in the digital era

Media in Focus, written by Les Binet and Peter Field, takes the changing media landscape as its focus and addresses, among others, the issues of: Does mass marketing still work? Is tight targeting now the most efficient approach? Is unpaid making paid media redundant? It also investigates the broader issues of budgeting, planning and reporting, and challenges the industry to reconsider approaches to efficiency, ROMI and measurement strategy. Hardcopy: Members £25 / Non-members £50
Hard copy

IPA Future of Agencies: Systems and Empathy

The IPA, in association with Econsultancy, have undertaken a major new piece of research into the future of agencies that reveals a rapidly evolving landscape characterised by significant shifts in operating environments that are reshaping agency propositions and capability. Hardcopy: Members £25 / Non-members £50PDF: Members £20 / Non-members £40 (plus VAT).
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One Not Everyone

How to use social media to personalise consumer experiences. PDF: Members £30 / Non-members £60 (plus VAT).
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Integrated Not Isolated: How to improve customer insight by embracing social media data

Social performs a key role in providing deep customer insights for brands in real time and at scale, but in order for it to be effective it must be fully integrated into the business operation. This cross-industry guide puts the spotlight on social insight, with chapters including social platforms and trends; sentiment analysis, bias and ethics; to how to integrate social with the insight function, within the organisation and with the overarching business needs. These learnings are brought to life with case studies from Sport England, MasterCard, Janssen and GE Healthcare. PDF: Members £30 / Non-members £60 (plus VAT).

Selling Creativity Short: Creativity and effectiveness under threat

The dual impacts of short-termism in marketing and lower investment behind creativity have halved the success of creativity over a period of just four years. Peter Field's latest investigation into the IPA's databank of Effectiveness Award case studies and The Gunn Report creative awards dataset reveals five key trends damaging the impact of creativity. PDF: Free to members / Non-members £25 (plus VAT).

Agencies and Tech Start-ups: The State of Play

Written by some of the leading industry innovators, tech start-ups, agencies and expert intermediaries, this collection of articles offers valuable insights into the realities of agency/tech start-up interaction. Free to download.

The Future of Marketing and Agencies

The IPA and Future Foundation’s new report on The Future of Marketing and Agencies, The Next 10 Years for Consumer Engagement, has predicted a dynamic landscape where brands will need to manage the tension between consumer and brand control. Where harmony will mean balancing personalisation and mass functionality and where the importance of customer experience within the marketing mix will be one of the key drivers for success. Hardcopy: Members £35 / Non-members £50. PDF: Members £35 / Non-members £50 (plus VAT).

Maximising the value of media

The final report in the IPA's in-depth Know the Value of Media project analyses how placing media at the heart of an organisation can drive step-changes in corporate behaviour and performance. Harnessed correctly through observation, interpretation and response, the authors use case studies to outline how the data can not only can be used as a tool for messaging and listening to consumers, but that it now allows many other functions including as a sales channel, a tool for market research, product design, dynamic pricing and demand forecasting. Free to download. 

Reaching consumers in an era of media proliferation

The second in the series as part of the IPA’s Know the Value of Media project, this report examines how the significant changes in the consumer landscape have changed the way brands communicate and the critical role media agencies play in advising brands where to invest. It analyses the winners from the IPA Effectiveness Awards case studies database between 2004 and 2012, outlines the role IPA TouchPoints can play, and draws upon and updates the findings from the IPA’s Datamine 3. Free to download. 

What is a 21st Century Brand? 

What is a 21st Century Brand? New thinking from the next generation of agency leaders features 20 of the best papers produced during the 10 years of the IPA Excellence Diploma. Each is a fresh, original and uniquely personal perspective from the new generation of leaders across creative, media and digital agencies. They are accompanied by commentary from leading industry thinkers Stephen Woodford, Mark Earls, David Wilding and Ian Priest, and edited by Nick Kendall. Together they offer you multiple perspectives and the opportunity to challenge your own beliefs. Members £31.99 / Non-members £39.99.

The Short Guide to Measuring Not Counting

This guide is designed to provide advertising practitioners with a grounding in social media best practice. The guide looks at the role of social media as part of the comms planning process, addresses the challenges associated with measuring social and explores various case studies in best practice. It also identifies seven key points for successfully measuring social and a five point plan for baking measurement into social campaigns. Members £25 (plus VAT) / Non-members £50 (plus VAT).

The Expert Guide to Measuring Not Counting

This guide is designed for Social Media and Digital Specialists. The guide addresses the challenges associated with measuring social and explores the various evaluation techniques available. It also identifies seven key points for successfully measuring social and a five point plan for baking measurement into social campaigns. Members £30 (plus VAT) / Non-members £60 (plus VAT).

Behavioural Economics in Action: Strategies and insight from the IPA Effectiveness Awards

Behavioural Economics in Action is the latest in a series of publications the IPA has produced around the topic of Behavioural Economics and its potential application to the advertising industry. In this important update, Nick Southgate and Rory Sutherland explain the seven principles of behavioural economics. They outline the five most successful strategies being used by agencies today, evidenced in recent IPA Effectiveness case studies, and they also address some common misconceptions, including the notion that consumers are irrational. Free to members / Non-members £25.00 (plus VAT).

TouchPoints Works

TouchPoints Works provides a comprehensive overview of the best TouchPoints case histories from the past 10 years, showcasing the invaluable ways that subscribers have used the unique data to deliver actionable insights for both their clients and their own businesses. The guide provides a wealth of examples of where agencies and media owners have gained insights from the unique TouchPoints data, and explains how TouchPoints contributes to wider industry debates. Hardcopy: Free to members / Non-members £50. PDF: Free to members / Non-members £50 (plus VAT).

Media Databases: The challenges and the potential in the age of convergence

This free report, as part of the IPA’s comprehensive Know the Value of Media project, acknowledges the increasingly complex media landscape in which multiple sources of media databases are available to advertisers. It also provides advice, a 10-point checklist for working with media owner databases and 10 best practice case studies, to help the industry to manage, interpret and extract maximum value from this data. Free to download.

How to Evaluate the Effectiveness of Communications Plans

This free-to-members, best practice guide is designed to help all sectors of the industry understand the multiple challenges of evaluating the effectiveness of their communications plans. Written by leading industry experts, the guide details how best to build a robust evaluation process within the marketing mix, outlines the pros and cons of the growing number of evaluation approaches, tools and practices, and how to calculate campaign effectiveness. Hardcopy: Free to members / Non-members £50. PDF: Free to members / Non-members £50 (plus VAT).
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Effective marketing strategies for food and drink

In this in-depth report, Andy Nairn - the serial IPA Effectiveness Award winner and founding partner of the Lucky Generals agency - analyses the challenges facing food and drink brands and shows how marketers have used a variety of strategies to keep growing brands in mature markets. Free to download.
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Effective marketing strategies for automotive brands

This report by serial IPA Effectiveness Award winner Andy Nairn, a founding partner of the agency, Lucky Generals, identifies insights and trends from more than 50 award-winning cases of automotive marketing, analysing the way communications was used to tackle business challenges. It also includes predictions for the future of the sector's marketing.
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The New Britain

This latest report provides an important update for marketers as it sets out the most important and interesting facts about Britain's growing BME population. It further explores their spending habits, attitudes and behaviours and looks at two new questions: language and length of residency in the UK to provide insights into generational differences.. Hardcopy: Members £25 / Non-members £50. PDF: Members £25 (plus VAT) / Non-members £50 (plus VAT)
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Data Integration Explained

This report offers a practical guide on how the different forms of data integration work, the best practices involved in producing a data integration, as well as how to prepare for it, how to evaluate the results, and what to bear in mind when using integrated datasets. Hardcopy: Members £15 / Non-members £30. PDF: Free to download.
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The Big Opportunity

This report discusses Big Data specifically in the context of audience measurement. How can the industry make the best use of this data? What are the implications for advertisers, agencies, media owners and the industry currencies? Free to download.
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The Long and the Short of It: Balancing Short and Long-Term Marketing Strategies

This publication is the eagerly anticipated update of Marketing in the Era of Accountability, examining the impact of timescales of effect, exploring the tension between long and short-term strategies for brands and businesses as well as providing evidence-based recommendations on how best to approach investment in advertising. PDF: Members £25 (plus VAT) / Non-members £50 (plus VAT).
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2012 Multicultural Britain

This report examines the rapidly expanding multicultural landscape of the UK, highlights common misconceptions and profiles the ethnic media landscape. Hardcopy: Members £25 / Non-members £50. PDF: Free to members / Non-members £50 (plus VAT).
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London 2012 Creative Showcase

This publication features creative work and case studies showing how brands used sponsorship opportunities presented by the London 2012 Games. Brands featured include: British Airways, Cadbury, Coca Cola, EDF, GE, GLA/Mayor of London, Lloyds TSB, McDonald's, The National Lottery and Visa. Free to download.
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The Marketing Opportunities for Advertisers and Agencies in Multicultural Britain

This report provides the advertising industry with an update on the rapidly expanding multi-cultural landscape of the UK; both as a potential employer and a market place. Free to members / Non-members £15 (plus VAT).
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