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The #IPASocialWorks Initiative

IPA Social Works is the first global cross-industry body to help brands, agencies, and researchers develop a more ROI-driven and robust approach to measuring social.

The #IPA Social Works initiative is a collaboration between the IPA, The Marketing Society and the MRS, and supported by Professor Patrick Barwise, Emeritus Professor at the London Business School, Facebook and Twitter.

Counting fans is not enough

There’s no shortage of material on the web offering us guidance on measuring social media activities. However, little stands up to robust scrutiny. The metrics are inconsistent, methods misguided and too often social strategies are not always linked to overall business and marketing objectives.

By bringing together cross industry specialists offering guidance; coming together at events and sharing our experiences more widely through shared case studies, we will collaboratively provide insight into what works in social media and how to measure it.

Get Involved

The IPA SocialWorks Initiative welcomes involvement from all Social Media practitioners.

Share your campaign experiences Blog style with

Case Studies

An invaluable resource built up by the initiative to illustrate best practice in social media measurement; personalisation in social campaigns; or where social media was used for insight.

Read Case Studies here 

If you have an interesting project case study to tell, contact

Your case study doesn’t need to be perfect. We can work with you on getting them to the right level.

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Guides: A series of publications providing guidance on key issues about the measurement and effectiveness of social media

The Expert Guide to measuring not counting
This Guide addresses the challenges associated with validating social media campaigns. It highlights the need for social media planning and evaluation to operate in tandem with other traditional channels to accurately gauge its reach, rather than adopting a siloed approach is designed for social media/ digital specialists and analysts. View

Integrated Not Isolated
A cross-industry guide putting the spotlight on social insight, with chapters including social platforms and trends and how to integrate social with the insight function, within the organisation and with the overarching business needs. View

One Not Everyone
This guide outlines how brands can best use social media to personalise experiences for consumers. It includes guidance on striking a balance between relevance and reach and how to navigate issues such as privacy and data ownership. It features case studies of successful implementations of personalisation from Spotify, Coca-Cola, O2 and the BBC. View

All cases are reviewed by an expert panel of academics and practitioners. Those that meet a particular standard will be displayed publicly on the websites of the three project organisations and may be discussed at future events.

Events: Keep a look out on the IPA website for related and relevant events

Project Partners

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Steering Group

Chair: Stephen Maher, MBA
Academic Adviser: Prof. Paddy Barwise, London Business School


Celina Burnett, ASOS

Janet Hull, IPA

Jack Burn, The Market Research Society

Chris MacLeod, TfL

Fran Cassidy, Cassidy Media Partnership

Andy Pang, Snap

James Devon, MBA

Michael Piggott, The Marketing Society

Simeon Duckworth, Group M

Jessica Salmon, Telefonica

Mark Earls, HERDmesiter

Jake Steadman, Twitter

Tom Ewing, System 1

Christian Walsh, The Market Research Society

Nathaniel Greywoode, Twitter

Christopher Wellbelove, BT

Nigel Gwilliam, IPA

Sarah Woodley, The Marketing Society

Chloe Harper, TfL


Last updated 14/09/2017

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