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Promoting the value of agencies

Working with an IPA member will help you to transform your business. They have ideas that you will never think of. Big ideas. Small ideas. Ideas that will surprise and delight you. Ideas that will directly affect your bottom line. They are the creative pioneers of today, and tomorrow. Membership of the IPA is an indicator of an agency’s success. It is a sign of professional competence, financial stability and of a commitment to training.

Out of the ten thousand or so agencies currently operating in the United Kingdom, only around ten percent are members of the IPA. It is this ten percent that handle the majority (over 85%) of adspend.

IPA membership is an important criteria for us when recommending agencies to clients. It is one of the most significant endorsements of professionalism an agency can receive. Debbie Morrison, Director of Consultancy, ISBA .

Why you should only employ an IPA member agency?

The IPA supports ISBA in recommending that advertisers only employ IPA member agencies. IPA members are leaders in their fields of expertise. They have also proven, through the IPA's strict membership criteria and an independent audit, they are financially stable and are committed to professionalism, best practice and the advertising Codes. They also have the confidence and support of their peers, the IPA's 48-strong Council.

IPA members have access to a wealth of advice and information. They are able to check to see if their work is legally and regulatory compliant. They have access to range of specialists across all aspects of the agency business, and access to a full range of bespoke courses and industry qualifications. They can prove their creative prowess and strategic thinking credentials through the IPA's highly regarded award schemes, in particular the IPA Effectiveness Awards and Excellence in CPD Awards. They also have access to the IPA's thought-leadership programmes which cover industry communication models, brand building and measuring marketing payback.

The IPA has created a PowerPoint presentation which highlights the 10 reasons why clients are better off employing IPA member agencies. Members can use this in their creds and on their websites as they wish.

Culturally, I felt the biggest gap was in the Chinese understanding the need for market insight and … market competitors. Jeremy Rainbird, CEO of Addiction Worldwide.

Promoting IPA members overseas

In conjunction with the UK Government, the IPA also promotes its members' first-class credentials to emerging, developing and mature markets overseas. We have an annual presence at the China International Advertising Festival and at other key conferences and Festivals at home and overseas.

Some FAQs about IPA membership

Who can be an IPA member?
Any trading company based in the European Union whose principal business objectives are to create, maintain and enhance the value of its clients' brands through marketing communications.

What is the minimum annual gross income of an IPA member?

What is the number of corporate members?

How often are members elected?
Members are elected at the quarterly IPA Council meetings (March, June, September, December).

Does an agency have to be an IPA member to trade?
No. IPA membership has no bearing on an agency's legal right to trade.

Does IPA membership secure media owner accreditation?
Being an IPA member may help in the accreditation procedure but it will not, of itself grant an agency recognition. This right belongs to the media owner who will carry out its own checks on the credit worthiness and appropriateness of the applicant.

Last updated 13/06/2018

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