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TouchPoints - How we do it

How the TouchPoints research is conducted and the materials used to do so

TouchPoints Daily Life is based on a representative sample of c.6,000 adults aged 15+, living in Great Britain.

Each respondent is asked to:

  • Keep an e-diary detailing their activities on a half hourly basis over a seven day period
  • Complete a questionnaire covering attitudes, product ownership, shopping, media behaviour, etc.
  • Download an app onto their Smartphone and Tablet which passively measures their mobileusage behaviour over a four-week period

The Self-Completion Questionnaire asks respondents for their attitudes and habits in the following areas:

  • Television
  • Radio
  • Press
  • Outdoor
  • Cinema
  • Online
  • SMS text and picture messaging
  • Event and broadcast sponsorship (selected events)
  • Direct Marketing
  • Word of Mouth
  • Technology Ownership
  • Lifestyles
  • Attitudes
  • Shopping
  • Travel

For more details, please see the TouchPoints self-completion questionnaire library

The e-diary measures behaviour every half hour:

  • Where were you?
  • Who were you with?
  • What were you doing? If travelling, mode of travel and reasons for travel. 
  • Media consumption by device
  • Shopping in person or online and amount spent
  • What mood were you in?
  • Emoticons
  • Were you alert or relaxed?

For more details, please see the TouchPoints questionaire library

The Passive Data consists of passively monitored mobile phone and tablet data which offers a deeper insight into mobile digital media consumption and lifestyle integration.

Technical Details

Data collection periods:

  • IPA TouchPoints 2018: January - April 2018
  • IPA TouchPoints 2017: January - April 2017
  • IPA TouchPoints 2016: January - April 2016
  • IPA TouchPoints6: February - June 2015
  • IPA TouchPoints5: July - November 2013
  • IPA TouchPoints4: July - December 2011
  • IPA TouchPoints3: September 2009 - February 2010
  • IPA TouchPoints2: September 2007 - February 2008
  • IPA TouchPoints1: April - November 2005

Sample source:

  • IPA TouchPoints 2018: PAMCo / RAJAR Recontact Sample plus IPSOS Access Panel
  • IPA TouchPoints 2017: NRS / RAJAR Recontact Sample plus IPSOS Access Panel
  • IPA TouchPoints 2016: NRS / RAJAR Recontact Sample plus IPSOS Access Panel
  • IPA TouchPoints6: NRS / RAJAR Recontact Sample plus IPSOS Access Panel
  • IPA TouchPoints5: NRS / RAJAR Recontact Sample plus IPSOS Access Panel
  • IPA TouchPoints4: NRS / RAJAR Recontact Sample plus IPSOS Access Panel
  • IPA TouchPoints3: NRS / RAJAR Recontact Sample plus IPSOS Access Panel
  • IPA TouchPoints2: RDD & TNS Access Panels
  • IPA Touchpoints1: TNS Access Panels


  • Telephone recruitment

Respondent Incentive:

  • £20 - £35
  • £2,500 prize draw

Research Contractors: 

 The TouchPoints Channel Planner:

28 Hub-survey-diagram-2018

The expansion of TouchPoints Daily Life and creation of the TouchPoints Channel Planner is conducted by RSMB, and has two stages:

1. Expanding the Daily Life onto the BARB Establishment Survey. This effectively creates an average of nine clones for every TouchPoints Daily Life respondent, delivering an operational sample size of approximately 50,000. Whilst not increasing the effective sample size, the expansion allows all industry media currency respondents to be used in the integration process. This technique substantially strengthens the match of media research currencies to TouchPoints.

2. Fusion of media currency data onto the expanded 50,000 TouchPoints tool. A series of hooks across the media are pre-defined within the SCQ and e-diary, these include demographic and household composition descriptors, but crucially also the media patterns of consumption. The combinations of these hooks allow TouchPoints respondents to 'receive' media currency data from the most relevant currency respondents. For more information on data integration, please seee Ken Baker's TouchPoints Integration Methodology Appraisal.

In the case of media for which there are no industry-approved trading currencies such as Direct and Mobile, contact probabilities from within TouchPoints have been created to enable them to be included in cross-media schedules. Social and Search media inputs are accessed via UKOM.

To enable you to get maximum value from the Channel Planner, you will need the specialist analysis software provided by companies such as Telmar, IMS and KMR who have been key partners throughout this initiative. These user-friendly systems enable users to create combined coverage and frequency across the channels out of the personal contact probabilities created in the integration process and the cross-media coverage inter-relationships which were carried across from TouchPoints Daily Life. In combination, this data allows 'currency level' coverage and frequencies for individual and combined media channels to be calculated for the user defined target markets. Users are able to input planning criteria according to a medium's own conventions but outputting as common measurements showing total GRPs, coverage and frequency.

The industry currency periods used for each TouchPoints Channel Planner can be found below.


TouchPoints 2018

TouchPoints 2017

TouchPoints 2016







4 weeks ending 02/04/2018 4 weeks ending 02/04/2017 4 weeks ending 27/03/2016 4 weeks ending 29/03/2015 4 weeks ending 30/03/2014 4 weeks ending 30/04/2012 4 weeks ending 28/02/2010 4 weeks ending 24/02/2008 4 weeks ending 20/03/2005
(Published Brands)
(National Press)
12 months ending Dec 2016
12 months ending Mar 2016
12 months ending Mar 2015
12 months ending Mar 2014
12 months ending Mar 2012 12 months ending Mar 2010 12 months ending Mar 2008 Y/E June 2005
(Regional Press)
6 months ending Jun 2017 6 months ending Apr 2017 6 months ending Apr 2016 6 months ending Apr 2015 6 months ending Oct 2013 6 months ending Mar 2012 6 months ending Dec 2009 6 months ending Dec 2007 6 months ending Dec 2005
6 months ending Mar 2018 6 months ending Mar 2017 6 months ending Mar 2016 6 months ending Mar 2015 6 months ending Mar 2014 6 months ending Mar 2012 6 months ending Mar 2010 6 months ending Mar 2008 6 months ending Jun 2005
v26 v22.02 v18.1 v15 v9.01 N/A N/A N/A N/A
N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A 12 months ending Dec 2011 12 months ending Dec 2009 12 months ending Dec 2007 12 months ending Jun 2005
12 months ending Dec 2017 12 months ending Dec 2016 12 months ending Dec 2015 12 months ending Dec 2014 12 months ending Dec 2013 12 months ending Dec 2011 12 months ending Mar 2010 12 months ending Mar 2008 12 months ending Jun 2005
N/A March 2017 March 2016 March 2015 March 2014 April 2012 March 2010 N/A N/A
Feb 2018 N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A
(Establishment Survey)
6 months ending Dec 2018 6 months ending Mar 2017 6 months ending Dec 2015 6 months ending Dec 2014 6 months ending Dec 2013 6 months ending Dec 2011 6 months ending Dec 2009 6 months ending Dec 2007 6 months ending Jun 2005


TouchPoints Questionnaire Evolution 2006-2016

To help you to understand how TouchPoints has evolved over the last  10 years, we have produced a colour-coded version of the self-completion questionnaire and diary which shows when each question was added. This should help in making trend analysis between surveys much easier.

The questionnaire evolution document is available here.

TouchPoints 2018:

Self Completion Questionnaire and e-Diary

TouchPoints 2017:

Self Completion Questionnaire and e-Diary

TouchPoints 2016:

Self Completion Questionnaire and e-Diary


Self Completion Questionnaire and e-Diary


Self Completion Questionnaire and e-Diary
What's new in TP5


Self Completion Questionnaire
e.Diary Questionnaire 


Self Completion Questionnaire
e.Diary Questionnaire


Self Completion Questionnaire
e.Diary Questionnaire


Self Completion Questionnaire
e.Diary Questionnaire

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