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TouchPoints 2016 Passive Data

The TouchPoints 2016 Passive Data will be released on Wedneday 7th December 2016.  The released dataset includes the passive data for the 7-day e.diary week with reach metrics.  Due to changes in iOS, this dataset is not directly comparable with the previous passive data as the measurement methodology has changed.  
The full dataset will be available on request from the IPA.

TouchPoints 2016 Channel Planner Available Now

The TouchPoints 2016 Channel Planner was released on Tuesday 15th November. The 2016 data is also available via Channel Planner Light which is supplied by Telmar.

TouchPoints 2017 Update

The questionnaire reviews are now virtually complete for next year’s TouchPoints study.  TouchPoints 2017 goes in to field in January and will be published in September 2017.

New: TouchPoints 2016 Time Tracker

We have developed a useful dashboard which allows users to analyse specific “moments” in TouchPoints and then understand what happened before and what happened after.  For example, you can choose a media behaviour such as watching the TV live on a TV set at 10 pm during the week and see what else these people were doing in the same half hour (relaxing, drinking and snacking). Then you can look at what the same group of people were doing in the two half hours prior to and post 10pm.

Time Tracker is available to TouchPoints subscribers here.

New Video: TouchPoints Explained in Three Minutes

We have produced a very short video explaining what TouchPoints is and how it works. It takes less than three minutes to watch and is available here. Please share it with any of your colleagues who want to know more about TouchPoints.

The Introduction to TouchPoints video is available here.

New: TouchPoints Questionnaire Evolution 2006-2016

To help you to understand how TouchPoints has evolved over the last  10 years, we have produced a colour-coded version of the self-completion questionnaire and e.diary which shows when each question was added. This should help in making trend analysis between surveys much easier.

The questionnaire evolution document is available here.

New: TouchPoints 2016 Top-Line Data

We have done a complete review of the current self-completion questionnaire and as part of this we have analysed the top line results for every question we ask. 

TouchPoints Subscribers who would like a copy of this document, please make a request by e-mail here.

TouchPoints End of Year Round Up Photos

We hope you enjoy looking at the pictures from our drinks reception here at the IPA held on 23rd November 2016, this evening was our way of saying thank you to our subscribers for all the help and support they have given us in making TouchPoints such a success over the past year.

You can find the event photos here.

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