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TouchPoints: Latest News

Latest TouchPoints news and press coverage

TouchPoints 2018 - Fieldwork Progress

Fieldwork for the 2018 TouchPoints is well underway.  Telephone recruitment began on the 16th January 2018 and is on schedule to be completed by the 15th of April.   As of the first week in March, the number of completed diaries and completed diary plus self-completion questionnaires are both higher than they were at this stage last year.

We are on course for about two thirds of the sample to complete the diary using their own smartphone, with the rest of the sample completing on a device (Alcatel) sent to them IPSOS. This is an important aspect of the study, ensuring that we remain representative of all GB adults – by including those either don’t own a smartphone (there are some out there!), whose phone is not modern enough to run the diary or who would rather not download the diary app to their own phone.

TouchPoints Champions Meeting 4

The 23rd of February saw the fourth meeting of the TouchPoints Champions’ group.
The meeting was a fantastic success with delegates from over 50 subscribing agencies, media owners and marketing bodies attending.

Our special guest speaker, Simon Gosling of Unruly spoke about how technology is shaping the home of the future and the potential opportunities and challenges for advertisers in a world where search is increasingly voice led. The group also learned about how AI and AR are providing new opportunities for branded experiences and of the perils of brand bypass.

We will be running a TouchPoints Champions’ Safari to the Unruly Home of the Future soon, if you would like to attend, please let us know

The TouchPoints Champions’ were also given a sneak preview of the new TouchPoints 2018 Dashboard and Rebecca Watson from the IPA also presented some of the best TouchPoints case studies from the first ten years of TouchPoints.

The next TouchPoints Champions meeting takes place on Friday 8th June, where representatives from Telmar, Nielsen and Kantar will be coming in to show how to get the most out of the TouchPoints Channel Planner along with some great agency and media owner channel planner case studies and the opportunity to try out the TouchPoints 2018 Dashboard Prototype.

If you would like to find out who your TouchPoints Champion is, please get in touch.

Coming September: TouchPoints 2018 Day in the Life Dashboard

For TouchPoints 2018, we have been busily working on a new TouchPoints dashboard which will allow users to get the most out of the TouchPoints dataset. The dashboard will be free to all TouchPoints subscribers, allowing you to get an in-depth view of the lives of your target audiences and also waves goodbye to third party license fees and browser extension downloads by running natively in all browsers and on mobile and tablet.

The dashboard has been created in response to direct requests from subscribers to make the TouchPoints data more usable and accessible. We have run sessions to make sure that subscriber needs are at the heart of the dashboard and have refined the specification to ensure that it will make your lives easier when using TouchPoints.

If you have not yet had a chance to see the design concept for the TouchPoints 2018 dashboard, and would like to do so, please get in touch.

TouchPoints: In Focus Infographics

New for this year we have published a series of infographics which depict the media and lifestyle profile of a demographic group in 5 key facts.
Each infographic “card” has a pie chart describing the share of media time for that particular demographic, interspersed with 4 more headline facts.
These are quick and colourful nuggets of information which combine charts and statements. They drill down into a specific audience, and can be used as an initial insight before undertaking more analysis.

We have produced over 20 (and climbing), including Pet owners, Health food buyers, 22-29 year old men, Female chief shoppers and many more.

All of the TouchPoints: In Focus infographics can be found on the TouchPoints section of the website. If there is anything specific you would like to see included, then let us know.

TouchPoints Media Infographics

Following on from our popular, and now annual Media Day infographic (for those who haven’t seen the tea towel-you are missing out), this year we are creating ten media-focused infographics which will provide ten key facts on a media channel (Radio, Newsbrands, Out of Home, Magazines, Internet, Online Audio, Cinema, Social Media, TV and Mail). 

So far we have produce one for Out of Home and one for Mail. More will be coming throughout the year up until September, so watch this space (next up… Newsbrands).

Coming 26th April: TouchPoints Multi-channel Planning Seminar

TouchPoints will be running a multi-channel planning seminar on the morning of the 26th of April at the IPA to update agencies on their TouchPoints channel planning skills with the help of Denise Turner from Newsworks and a live demo from Telmar.

This session is designed for TouchPoints users whose skills might be a little rusty or who need an update on the recent additions to the Channel Planner such as the new VOD metrics, the addressable/targetable media feature and Brand Affinity.

As well as reminder of some of the core uses, we will be talking through some of the “best in class” uses of the Channel Planner, to inspire you to take better advantage of these features.

If you would like to attend then then please register your interest for this session.  Spaces are limited and will be filled on a first come first served basis.

Coming Soon: Media Presentations

As part of our ongoing service, we are in the process of creating TouchPoints presentations for each media channel. Each media presentation will use TouchPoints data to highlight the positives of each media channel. Please get in contact to find out more.

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